9 Reasons to Outsource A/B Testing (Even if You Still Handle Some Testing In-house)

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Reasons to Outsource A/B Testing - BrillMark

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In an e-business oriented market, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a helping hand to push company growth forward. However, some businesses may not have tried it for any number of reasons, one of which could be not having an A/B test developer in-house.

According to Adobe, 82% of digital marketing respondents say that knowing how to test effectively “poses a challenge for their organizations.” This can make building experiments in-house even more difficult.  Outsource A/B testing services is ideal when an organization doesn’t want to — or can’t — handle it internally.

In this article, we’ll help you explore the possibilities you can achieve via outsourced ab test development service, instead of struggling on your own.

Contrasting Working In-House vs. Outsourcing A/B Testing

It’s normal to experience indecision about involving a third party. To help you decide, it’s important to distinguish outsourced ab test development from in-house methods. Understanding the differences can help you understand why it’s important to have specialized A/B developers.

For easier comparison and to help you decide, here’s a table that illustrates the benefits of working with an outsourced A/B testing agency:

Comparison Table

Features In-house Outsourcing
Rapid Development of A/B Tests No Yes
Easy Selection of Any A/B Testing Tool Maybe Yes
Fast, Expert Troubleshooting No Yes
More Complex Tests Yes Yes
More Utilization of the Testing Suite No Yes
Significantly Reduced Testing Costs No Yes
Strong Accountability Yes Yes
Development of Great Testing Ideas No Yes
More Ideal Testing When Volume Fluctuates No Yes

Here’s an explanation of each of those benefits:

1. Rapid Development of A/B Tests

Time is money, and in testing, it especially is. You pay for the time it takes someone to build your tests.

Specialized A/B test developers have tricks to deliver tests faster. Additionally, with an entire team dedicated to testing, work gets easily distributed. There are no bottlenecks and no technical issues for you to worry about.

2. Easy Selection of Any A/B Testing Tool

There may be cases in which your in-house team is not familiar with new testing tools. In those situations, you don’t need to give up trying out new tools because of not knowing how to use them. When you outsource testing, the developers are already aware of every tool available. They can switch between tools per your needs and budget at any time.

3. Fast, Expert Troubleshooting

While testing, many problems (such as FOOC [Flash of Original Content], implementation, bugs, etc.) arise constantly. Experts are able to resolve and troubleshoot those issues ASAP. Instead of Googling how to tackle certain situations, you can just ping your A/B test agency, and they will handle it for you.

4. More Complex Tests

Experiments often have tough stages during development, and more complex changes need better skills and execution. It takes time to build an expert team in house. If you’ve successfully built one, that’s great. But if you aren’t able to, outsourcing will give you access to a testing team that has the tricks to create dynamic and complex testing for even better results.

5. More Utilization of the Testing Suite

Outsourcing provides better utilization of your testing tools and software. Rather than needing to train an in-house team to use the software, an outsourced team already knows all the tips and tricks to get the most out of each testing tool.

6. Significantly Reduced Testing Costs

Outsourcing asks you to only pay for the time invested by the experts to build your tests, whereas an in-house team will require a salary. Why pay for more time if you aren’t testing frequently enough to pay a full-time employee to handle testing for you?

7. Strong Accountability

It may seem like an in-house team can be more reliable, more flexible, and less risky than an outsourced team, but that can be a misconception. While outsourcing services like A/B testing and personalization tests, you can ask your outsourced team of A/B test Developers to take responsibility for any issues that may arise during testing. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

8. Development of Great Testing Ideas

The point of CRO is to provide you with ideas which can help convert your visitors into customers. Testing justifies those ideas by showing comparisons between two options. If you utilize an A/B testing service, you can explore even more possibilities, leading to new ideas that can help you develop and optimize your site even more.

9. More Ideal Testing When Volume Fluctuates

One of the most common problems for CRO agencies is fluctuating demand. You might find yourself scrambling to hire staff in order to fulfill demand at certain times of the year, while team members are sitting around with nothing to do just a few months later.

BrillMark is the perfect solution for handling increased testing demand during those busy times. With our team, you can maintain a sustainable team size throughout the year and get help during those busy seasons at an advantageous rate.

How to Outsource A/B Testing and Still Use an In-House Team

Despite the many reasons some managers may not want to use outsourcing just for the sake of their in-house team, not using an expert service when you genuinely need it can be more detrimental to your business. But you don’t have to give up or reassign your internal developers to take advantage of outsourced experts.

You can work with both teams at the same time per the nature of your tests, especially if:

  1. Your in-house developer may not be familiar with a particular kind of test you want to run
  2. Your in-house team may busy with too many other responsibilities, and the outsourced team of A/B testing developers can share the burden.

That’s the flexibility of outsourcing: It isn’t permanent. That means you can have your outsourced team run tests only when you can’t handle it yourself. No matter how small or large the task is, their job is to help you and your team get better information faster for improving your site.

The Benefits of Using Outsourced A/B Testing With In-House Teams

BrillMark often supports in-house teams, working with them to help businesses reach their revenue goals for years. If you’re new to this collaborative culture, here are a few benefits of using both types of testing groups to accomplish your site-testing goals.

No Compromises With Core Activities

A/B testing provides many kinds of tests. Some may be familiar to you, and some may not. Testing in general includes many steps per the type of tests you need run, and A/B testing requires even more details to be worked out. You need a UX designer, builder, QA expert, and more.

Instead of investing in making your team learn a different skill every month, it’s better to have someone else get it done for you — especially if your outsourced team of A/B test developers already knows how to run everything. Then there’s no need to compromise on whether your development team is working on core development activities or getting your testing done.

Save Time

Due to those other core priorities your development team has, it’s common for testing ideas to slowly — or never — make it into the hands of your tech team. Some tests may take forever to build just because of the internal team’s lack of knowledge. Some clients confess that bottleneck situations have caused a delay in getting testing started in the first place, let alone finishing it.

Expertise and specialization are something worth investing in. To find the right skill at the right time can be rare, but with outsourcing, you can easily access both skills and time. Time is money — and so are conversions.

Save the time you may have spent waiting for testing resources to become available. Simply share the load with Brillmark and get the experiments done in no time.

Ensure Quality Testing

Rushing creates blunders. Stop struggling with bad tests due to having less hands available than you have goals. Incorporating a third party brings in innovative ways to accomplish more. You’ll experience more diverse changes, more specific steps, reasonable changes, and strong documentation for your testing processes, all bug-free.

Because outsourced experts have more experience in delivering testing, the experience will increase the quality of your experiments.

Provide Balance Between Regular and Sensitive Experiments

Google and Facebook conduct experiments every day, but they are enormous organizations with many resources, even for sensitive experiments involving secretive data. Your business is probably much smaller than those heavy hitters.

However, if you want to run experiments frequently too, you can have a third party help you out by running small experiments, while your developers can take care of experiments involving non-disclosure or personal information. This can help you have a wrinkle-free process for both regular and sensitive experiments.

Get Assistance Working With New Tools

Testing tools are no joke when it comes to pricing (Google Optimizely being an exception). Companies like yours often pay a lot of money to have that software on board. An outsourced service can not only explore other software options for you, but it can also help your in-house team get familiar with any less expensive tools you may want to shift to. This also means you could try more new and interesting software options in the optimization market.


Hopefully, this article has cleared up some questions you may have had about whether to outsource A/B testing, and whether you have an in-house team or not. If outsourced experts are what you’re looking for, there’s no harm in trying them out, even if for a short time, and investing in more external resources can provide a quick solution and better value for your money. Outsourcing A/B testing development is an ideal option if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to run your A/B testing, personalization, redesign, and other experiments.

Why Outsource A/B Testing with BrillMark?

Hire A/B Test Developers - BrillMark

BrillMark is a software development agency with a long history of building A/B, Multivariate, and Personalization experiments across the entire customer journey. We’ve run over 5,000 campaigns across every conceivable device, application, and platform… and we’re just getting started!

Our management team is made up of CRO veterans who recognized two needs:

  1. The need for deep technical expertise and reliable, affordable testing in the CRO space.
  2. The need for hands-on technical training & competitive employment for a new generation of developers.

As a result, our goal at BrillMark is twofold. We provide reliable, affordable testing for CRO agencies and in-house campaigns, and our team of A/B test developers is continuously training and employing talented developers around the world.

If you’re passionate about what you do, we’d love to connect and help you meet your goals.

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