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Meet a few of the brands who trust us to run their ongoing experiments:

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Pick A Test, Any Test

From simple redesign tests to more complex API-based tests and multi-platform experiments, our team has you covered!

A/B “Split” Testing

A/B test development is our core service, and we’ve mastered every part of the design, development, and QA process. Our tests are developed rapidly yet meticulously, and our expertise incorporates numerous tools and tactics outside the testing platform itself. Nobody develops split tests quite like BrillMark.

Personalization Campaigns

Personalization campaigns allow companies to deliver tailored experiences to different audiences, but setting up dynamic content can be tricky. After thousands of campaigns, we know all the tricks, and we’ll have you set up and running flawlessly in no time.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing takes split testing to the next level, both in terms of complexity and potential benefit. It’s even more important that these tests are run flawlessly in order to gain accurate data and make accurate conclusions, and as usual, the team here at BrillMark has you covered.

API Based Testing

We have no problem developing complex tests that interact directly with APIs. Whether you want to pull data from an internal service or external AWS service we got you covered. We even helped one client build a mini recommendation engine to avoid expensive licensing.

Hotjar Integration

Split testing and heatmaps go hand in hand, but tracking heatmap data at the variation level requires a bit of extra setup and development. For this reason, we’ve learned how to properly integrate popular heatmap suite Hotjar for our clients.

Testing Platform Setup

Setting up a new testing platform may seem like a trivial task, but improper installation is a common problem that results in inaccurate testing data. After working with hundreds of sites, we know how to do it right, whether deploying directly on the site or through tag manager.

Marketing Platform Integration

Marketing platforms like Marketo, Hubspot, or Clearbit are a huge expense, and failing to integrate them with a testing platform is a common oversight that can leave millions on the table. We can quickly and easily integrate your platforms, allowing you to collect audience data through your marketing platform and then target users directly through your testing platform.

CRO Results Interpretation

While we are focused on building and running accurate experiments, we understand that every platform captures and displays testing results differently. When needed, we’ll happily help you develop additional reports to identify the exact data and insights you are looking for.

Tag Creation & Management

Testing development often requires setting up and managing tags to track goals, fire events, and more. We’ve worked with all types of tag management systems, and most importantly, we understand and appreciate how critical tag management is to getting accurate testing results.

Have a Project in Mind

Whatever it is, we can build it quickly, reliably, and affordably.

Let’s Talk Testing!

“I’ve never worked with AB test development team that is more knowledgable or as fast as the BrillMark team”

Devesh Khanal

Founder, Growthrock.co
An E-commerce CRO Agency

Any Platform, Any Software

We have over 5,000 experiments under our belt, we’ve run complex tests using every available platform and tool in the industry!

FunnelEnvy Pro offers a great entry point for running tests with AI-based predictions. The tool’s unique Predictive Revenue Optimization seeks to optimize user experience across the entire website journey rather than breaking that journey down into segments. BrillMark has worked extensively with FunnelEnvy Pro and can help you fully leverage the tool for your website.

Optimizely is the #1 most used testing tool by a wide margin. It offers the best user experience of any tool on the market while providing the horsepower needed to smoothly run A/B, Multivariate, and Personalization campaigns. Here at BrillMark, we love using Optimizely, and we’ve developed some tricks and strategies to maximize its potential over the years.

Adobe Target is a reliable optimization tool with some unique capabilities. Its Automated Optimization Engine puts machine learning to work for you, allowing you to automatically optimize around a conversion target. It’s a complex tool with complex integration requirements, but with BrillMark in your corner, you can take full advantage of its capabilities.

Visual Website Optimizer, more commonly known as VWO, is famous among marketers. It provides a variety of useful functions in one tool, works via an amazing visual interface, and offer appealing, easy to interpret reports. BrillMark has worked extensively with VWO, and while it’s not a particularly complex tool, we know how to use it to its absolute fullest potential.

When a business is new to optimization, it’s often looking to keep costs to a minimum. Google Optimize offers some tremendous testing abilities at no cost and is a great starting point, especially if you plan to upgrade to Optimize 360 down the road. BrillMark will help you fully leverage this amazing tool and keep you informed when it’s time to upgrade.

“BrillMark has been a great partner and their team is instrumental to our success. They give us a depth of technical talent and experience that we’ve come to rely on at FunnelEnvy.”

Arun Sivashankaran

Founder & CEO
FunnelEnvy.com – Predictive Revenue Optimization for B2B

The BrillMark Process

Interested in working with BrillMark? Our proven, well-oiled process is designed to integrate seamlessly with your own teams and campaigns.


Website experimentation starts with auditing your website to identify problem areas and then creating improvement strategies to be tested against the original. This might be done by a CRO agency or your own in-house team. Once you have your testing requirements in place, it’s time for BrillMark to enter the picture.


Our role starts when you send us the full requirements and parameters for your website experiment. Our experts will design a technical specification for the proposed test, assess the approximate number of hours required, and send you an estimated quote for your approval.


Once the technical specification has been approved, our team will develop the test locally, move the test to your testing platform of choice, and then apply the optimal platform-specific settings. The developed test is than sent to our quality assurance department for rigorous review, test acceptance criteria is finalized, and the test is sent to you for approval.


Once you’ve reviewed and approved the developed test, it’s time to go live! We will monitor the tests closely for 24 to 48 hours to ensure that the test is performing as designed, no unexpected issues have popped up, and all goals and metrics are being tracked correctly.

“Working with BrillMark to help our CRO agency has been a fantastic experience. The team is responsive, thorough, and act as an extension of our in-house team. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality development resources”

Josh Frank

Founder & Head of Optimization
Test Triggers

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