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Embrace the Power of Google Analytics 4 – Transform Your Analytics Today!

GA 4 Features:

Improved data collection brings new conversion measurement methods and enhanced reporting options.

Cross Device Tracking

GA4 offers cross-device tracking for a comprehensive view of customer behavior.

Enhanced Data Collection

GA4 leverages AI for automatic data collection and categorization for better insights.

Improved Conversion Tracking

Maximize conversions with GA4's cutting-edge conversion tracking - now covering multiple devices and platforms!

Event Tracking

GA4 makes it easy to track specific actions or events on your website, such as button clicks, form submissions, and page views.

Real-time Analytics

GA4 provides real-time insights into your website's performance, so you can quickly respond to changes and make data-driven decisions.

Customizable Dashboards & Reports

GA4 allows you to create custom dashboards and reports that provide relevant insights and metrics for your business.

Unleash Growth with the Power of Brillmark + Convert Experiences 

Worried about data loss during GA4 Transition from UA?

Here is how Brillmark can help! Brillmark has a proven track record with over 100+ successful migrations to Google Analytics 4.

Our expert team not only handles the migration process with ease but also provides tag management and Data Studio reporting support.

The migration Step include

Our process for migrating to Google Analytics 4 includes the following steps:

Evaluation of Universal Analytics Account: We will assess the properties in your existing Universal Analytics account.
E-commerce Event Tracking Configuration: Our team will handle the complete event tracking setup so that you can easily monitor custom events like purchases and add-to-carts.
Setup of Google Analytics 4 Account: Our team of professionals will guide you in creating a new GA4 account and ensure its proper configuration.
GA4 Data Tracking and Testing: We will review your Google Analytics account to ensure that all data is tracked accurately and help you develop a plan tailored to your specific needs.
Setup of Google Tag Manager Account: Our experts will assist you in setting up a Google Tag Manager account, which is a prerequisite for migrating to Google Analytics 4.

We work with 90+ of your favorite tools:

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Interested in working with BrillMark? Our process is designed to seamlessly integrate with your team and your campaigns.

Get started with GA4 migration with our
Google Analytics experts to ensure a smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brillmark services are created to make it easier to track GA4 property in parallel with your current UA solution. You will receive a new GA4 property implementation if you don’t already have an active UA property.

You are only allowed to use it on one website, including your base domain and any sub-domains. For the best strategy if you have many domains, get in touch with our specialists.

There is no better choice; certain things will need to be set up from scratch in GA4 and others can be imported from UA.

By 01 July 2023, you must migrate to GA4.

If you want to monitor user activity (events/goals/source) on your website or mobile app, you must migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by July 1, 2023, as Google Universal Analytics will cease to record new hits after that date.

More significantly, GA4 provides new capabilities to assist you in adjusting to the privacy and technological landscape’s constant change. It also includes novel machine learning features like Cross-device Tracking and Path Exploration.

Expect significant changes in GA4 including a new interface, increased role of machine learning, and redefined metrics.

Prepare for a learning curve and start the migration process early for success.

GA4 has been marketed as privacy-focused and can operate with or without cookies. With the use of machine learning and statistical modeling, GA4 can compensate for data gaps in a cookie-less world.

The time required for GA4 migration is determined by a variety of factors, including data layers, the number of items to be migrated, and so on.

Yes, We can use data layer codes. Usually, we advise the company to have its own internal tech team or outside agency put this code into action.

Yes, we can create custom events with custom parameters and names to collect information specific to your company.

To begin, go to the Configure menu, which is the last item on the left-hand navigation. Events, Conversions, and Audiences are added to the Configure menu.

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