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Hemp House: The World’s Premium CBD Brands In One Destination

Discover how Brillmark helped Hemp House to scale their Shopify Store & provide exceptional user experience through their store with our innovative design & ideas!
Hemp House - New Website

Hemp House Case Study

The Requirement

Our client, Hemp house, already had 10 years of eCommerce website growth under their belt, they decided to move to a new e-commerce platform for a better look, more conversations, and an easy payment gateway to enhance the user experience.

They approached us not only for platform migration but a complete redesign and development of their website.

Hemp House - Requirement
Hemp House - Challenge

The Challenge

Migrating an eCommerce site to a new design or a platform means we have to be ultra-diligent in our execution since it is a high risk to hit existing traffic, conversions, and revenue. The goal was to collate everything, organize it according to agreed requirements, and migrate to over platform under the client’s budget.

The Solution

After thorough research and findings of existing site issues, BrillMark discussed the ways to improve problematic elements.

We came up with our new designs with improved elements like a header, footer, logo, and a smooth payment gateway.

Hemp House - Solution

The Process

Before commencing any migration plans, we made sure to have a clear communication strategy to ensure all the stakeholders in the project know what is happening and who is taking the lead.


Team BrillMark, discussed with the client and came up with a strategy so that the existing revenue is not lost, but more revenue is added.

We found the best-suited theme and included our UX designer in the best CRO-enabled elements related to UX, along with an excellent design for the store.

The client was updated with the working status of the project so that the work would be done smoothly without any glitches.


Once access to the WIX account was enabled, Shopify was linked with WIX so that all WIX-stored data is sent to Shopify without any glitches.

After completing all development work and migrating products and other data, they selected payment gateways & the ownership was transferred to the client.
A transfer of the customers From WIX to Shopify, and using transferred reward points that customers used to get when they bought their products.

After testing all the things and setting up everything, the Site was made live, and the last meeting was conducted to get on to a few things after launch.


The team started with designing a high-fidelity mock-up for all important pages, such as the Homepage, Category/collection, Product page, etc, and presenting it to the client.


Once migrated, we had to be assured that everything was accurate and formatted so that it could be recognized by the New system.

And we can deliver the final product as the client needs.

The Final Product

Work on this project encompassed the full spectrum, from conceptualization to implementation to actual release without losing SEO rankings, customized design or legally required security protocols.

After running the platform through several tests and verifying that it is functioning well, we can now launch it with the assurance that the customer experience will be satisfactory.

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