Let’s say you have thousands of visitors on your website. Still, the conversion rate is not increasing the way it should?
It must be frustrating to see your products getting an audience and still not impressing anyone enough to spend their money. In other words, majority of the traffic is not even checking out the product details page. Usually, to get conversions, businesses invest in advertisement. However, having a good amount of traffic, yet a low conversion rate is an actual problem.

A/B testing can increase conversion rate on your site. It can help you learn about how visitors interact with your site and can give you insights to make incremental changes to improve it. Here is an example of how a basic and most important element called CTA, can change the level of involvement of the audience with products in a better way. It is a flexible feature which has the potential of creating a bigger impact just by making simple changes. It could be the color to attract visitors, font size, style, text color to make it more readable and placement, to get more clicks.

We had an opportunity to create an experiment, a few weeks ago, for one of our regular client (Ofara). Based on heatmaps, they came to know that users are not interacting with the CTAs as the “Add To Cart” CTAs were only visible on hover state. We created a quick test to see the impact if we make the CTA visible all the time. Surprisingly, the results were better than expected, and their sales increased by 60% as compared to the control version.

Below are the results summary.

CTA A/B Test Session Result

Screenshot: CTA A/B Test Session Result

CTA A/B Test Checkout Complete Result
Screenshot: CTA A/B Test Checkout Complete Result

CTA A/B Test Overall Transactions Result
Screenshot: CTA A/B Test Overall Transactions Result

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