How to Fix This Common Google Optimize Visual Editor Loading Issue: “This page uses security features that are incompatible with the Optimize editor”

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Google Optimize Editor Visual Editor Issue - BrillMark

Are you having difficulty loading the Google Optimize visual editor? Many users need a visual editor to apply visual changes to a web page when trying to edit the variant in Google Optimize. But users often encounter the error message, “This page uses security features that are incompatible with the Optimize editor” when using the Google Optimize visual editor.

Error Message:

Google Optimize Security Features Error Screen One

The Google Optimize team suggests checking out their Resource Hub entry, “Troubleshoot Content Security Policy (CSP) errors,” which can be found here. However, most CRO developers might not have access to the site to make the changes needed to fix this completely.

Below are some steps to quickly address this issue and continue with development in Google Optimize:

1. Open a new tab in your current browser window.

2. Go to the Google Optimize Dashboard Page.

Google Optimize Security Features Error Screen Two

3. Hit “Refresh” in the old tab where you are facing the issue, to edit the test.

Google Optimize Security Features Error Screen Three

4. Now the web page works again!

Google Optimize Security Features Error Screen Four

NOTE: You can retry the above mention steps one or more times if the issue persists.

We hope this tutorial was helpful. If you need additional help with this Google Optimize error, please reach out to us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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