Optimizely: Important Links for Developers

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Optimizely: Important Links

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You’ve probably heard of Optimizely, the award-winning Digital Experience Platform that has been named as an industry leader by Gartner Magic Quadrant for several years in a row.

We are not surprised by the accolades…after all Optimizely combines content, commerce, and real-time intelligence into a single platform, allowing your team to deliver personalization with ease.

It’s easy to set up — 2 to 3 times faster than comparable digital experience platforms. Another perk is the fact that the platform updates itself, saving your development team time and money.

Best of all, firms that use Optimizely have an average ROI increase of 297%. If that information alone is not enough to convince you that you should invest in Optimizely subscription, please keep on reading.

What Is Optimizely?

Optimizely Dashboard

Optimizely is an experimental tool that assists developers in creating and running A/B tests on their websites. This is done in order to validate conversion rate optimization initiatives. Using the services dynamic or basic capabilities, you can easily construct a range of Optimizely tests for your web pages.

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Features of Optimizely

  • Optimizely caters to a wide range of customers: To get started, it offers an easy-to-use editor. The visual editor in Optimizely uses a “what you see is what you get” approach, which means you can view and alter the page to get it exactly how you want other people to see it. This adaptability facilitates A/B testing and multivariate experimentation. It also works on a variety of platforms.
  • It’s simple to use (even if you’re not a pro): Optimizely provides a seamless implementation. You can create campaigns and experiments that use page, event, tags, audience, and other elements to create targets, and assess the effect of the consumer experience you want to give. It really is as easy as it sounds.
  • It’s simple to set up: Optimizely creates a snippet that you can copy and paste into your site’s code to begin the test. This means that the whole experiment procedure is very fast, and requires a minimal time investment.
  • Multiple features: It contains features like custom targeting, audience prioritization, custom templates, visual editor, developer tools, and APIs. It features a plethora of possibilities, as well as web and mobile site customization tools. If you’re familiar with “demand base,” you’ll be delighted to hear that it seamlessly integrates with the platform, enabling you to start personalizing on the very first visit!

Optimizely’s Developers Community

While many people know Optimizely as a platform that allows marketers to experiment on the web, there are various products, guides, and tools for developers as well. All the benefits are detailed on the developer website, which also includes various educational content (their “How To’s” are awesome), code examples, tools, etc.

Developers Doc

Developers Doc is a collection of the Optimizely ideas and API, as well as everything else related to the network connection. You can release code-behind feature flags, experiment with A/B tests, and quickly roll out or pull back features.

All of these capabilities are accessible with minimum effort thanks to simple-to-use open source SDK’s. This guide includes everything you need to know about full-stacks, experiments, features, configuration, microservices, etc. which makes it very useful to developers.

Optimizely World

Optimizely World contains all of the most recent insights from optimizely experts. They set an example in our industry by offering copious amounts of assistance, inspiration, and expertise in an open, courteous, and professional manner.

On Optimizely world you can see updates and new server-side packages, release notes, a list of all B2B commerce monthly releases, new issues others encountered, etc… They range from documentation to world upgrades to comments on how to enhance optimizely.


In the “community” section you can ask questions, participate in discussions, learn from other members of the community, and of course, join their Slack channel to instantly get updates.

Optimizely Academy

Optimizely provides you with year-round access to instructor-supported educational content and certification tracks that are suited to your position, experience, and learning objectives.

Business user training classes are great for content editors, marketers, administrators, and anybody else who needs to use Optimizely business solutions.

While intended for developers, architects, and project managers, these seminars are available to anybody who is interested. Masterclasses are designed to provide you with additional tools, skills, and expertise to work with Optimizely products.

They are presented by specialists as well as guest presenters.

Premium training subscriptions include a set of core courses tailored to your professional function, access to a larger library of courses, and the assistance of a dedicated personal trainer. You will be able to join virtual classroom sessions for free and will be invited to special webinars.

If you think you mastered Optimizely, it might be good for you to share your knowledge, by joining the subject matter expert (SME) program to assist with test design and content development operations.

Optimizely Certified Developer

Building dependable, safe, and resilient marketing websites is a major undertaking. Becoming an Optimizely certified developer is one approach to grow your career in the Optimizely development community.

To pass the Optimizely certification examinations, you must have hands-on experience with the platform. Technical training is designed in a way that will not just give you the knowledge and skills you need to pass the certification test but also prepare you for the actual usage of the platform in your career.

Because the test also focuses on the application of abilities beyond what is taught in courses, experience, or training, practicing before taking the exam is strongly advised.

If you have access to a developer subscription, such as Content Cloud or any of the Commerce Clouds, you will find a certification exam assistance area in each to assist you in your preparation. You may get further help by reviewing the information and skill areas for each test in the PDFs below:

Content Cloud knowledge areas

Commerce Cloud knowledge areas

B2B Commerce Cloud knowledge areas

All tests are administered remotely via a remote exam system on a predetermined day of your choice. You will have two hours to answer about 70 questions. The test is currently available only in English.

Optimizely Labs

Explore the integrations and tutorials for dealing with Optimizely data and API’s. Here you can access a step-by-step guide on how to use Optimizely’s digital experience platform to its full potential.


A central location for upcoming events and webinars for the developers and non-developers to attend. This is the place where industry leaders come and share their thoughts about various topics.

From Optimizely usage to business development all the way through how to really connect with the customer.


Opticon is an educational platform with a subscription model and a portion of every subscription is donated to various causes. Opticon contributes to social and environmental causes.

This year Optimizely will donate to WWF-Netherlands, UNICEF, and the Australian Red Cross for every Opticon21 registration as part of a joint effort to support these incredible organizations.

Brands Using Optimizely

Brands Using Optimizely

Over 9,000 companies across the world use Optimizely to fuel their digital experience. With Optimizely, if you can imagine it you can deliver it to your customers.

– Here are a few examples of brands that use Optimizely:

Organizations in healthcare and pharmaceuticals such as the American Physical Therapy Association, EPG Health, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Pizza Hut, Royal Canin, and The Gap are examples of CPG and specialized retail brands.

Visa, Metro Bank, and Swinton Insurance are examples of financial services firms. Xerox, DocuSign, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are examples of technology brands.

Manufacturers such as Yamaha, Dura-Line, and ACCO Brands


We hope that this post has provided enough information about the Optimizely developer community to entice you to get started with it,

We already mentioned that the platform is trusted by many people, including us, we believe it will not just meet but exceed your expectations.

Brillmark, a CRO Test Development Agency, Can Assist You With A/B Testing Optimization

If you went and checked out Optimizely, and you like what you see but just can’t seem to get a grasp on all the features or just don’t have the time to learn how to use it, Brillmark can help- we are certified, experienced and available to handle all your Optimizely test needs.

All experiments will be carried out in accordance with a quality-checked protocol, as well as a thorough quality analysis.

Here are some reasons to Outsource A/B Testing:

We have code-level expertise in integrating a variety of technologies, including Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Dynamic Tag Management, and Google Tag Manager.

Also, our developers are up to date with new updates & changes in Optimizely.

  • If you need to keep focused on your core tasks, you may do so by shifting your attention to essential business challenges while our staff handles experimentation. We can complete testing rapidly without disrupting your in-house development team or diverting attention away from your important operations, such as optimization. We can assist you in locating testing opportunities. We have a quick turnaround time and can deliver sooner than you anticipate.
  • If you’re concerned about spending too much money on A/B test development, we have a solution for that as well… aside from testing on free platforms like Google Optimize, we also provide tailored pricing based on the intricacy of the testing studies. We have a team of professionals who specialize in creating and performing A/B tests using Optimizely as well as other main tools. Our cost-effective approach will not strain your budget and will keep testing expenses to a minimum.

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