Best A/B testing tools for 2023

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Best AB Testing Tools in 2023

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Note: In this article, we will discuss the Best A/B testing tool in 2023, which is available for use.  Our list is supported by the research done by our expert A/B Test developers on market performance & recent development done by the A/B Testing tool companies

For the last 10 years, we at Brillmark have been working on various A/B testing development on more than 10,000+ campaigns.

One of the most common questions posed by our clients is, “Which is the best A/B testing tool to get started with?”.

10 years later, this is still the most asked and relevant question. Investing in the wrong tool can affect your A/B Testing experiment results.

Once you choose an A/B testing tool that works for you, the full benefits are instantaneous.

And that’s the rub: sifting among potentially hundreds of alternatives to zero in on the best one.

Having trouble choosing the most reliable A/B testing tool?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Our readers’ concern is our concern!

Selecting the best A/B testing software may seem like a no-brainer, but many options have subtle differences in functionality and cost.

For your convenience, we have produced a list of the top A/B testing tools available in 2023!

Best A/B testing tools 2023:

Did you know?
By performing just a few essential trials to test different variants of its headline alerts, Microsoft Bing was able to improve its income by 12%, equivalent to over $100 million in the U.S. alone.

A/B testing is no longer cutting edge. No longer is it a challenge to locate a reliable A/B testing platform.

The challenge now is picking the best one.

If you want to know the benefits and drawbacks of each tool, you could employ someone full-time to research for you, but it’s far more straightforward to learn from the experiences of others.

We’ve compiled a list of the most well-known A/B testing software and reviews written by A/B testing specialists to aid you in making your choice.

The best A/B testing software used by industry professionals is listed below.

Convert Experiences

Best A/B testing tools 2023: Convert - Brillmark

For in-house optimization projects, Convert Experiences is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Its live chat assistance is highly regarded, and rightly so.

Easy to use, Convert Experience lets you drop files into the program.

Using the given visual editor, you can construct A/B, multivariate, multipage, and split tests; for dynamic pages, you may switch to the more complex style sheet editor.

This improves how quickly and easily your content management system (CMS) and online storefront (ecommerce platform) are brought online and how well they work together with Google Analytics.

With access to over 35 customizable variables, a customization is also an option when dealing with customers.

Best for Online retailers, agencies, and SMEs,  due to its well-equipped features and simple testing across many eCommerce platforms.

Price: Price points for Convert’s yearly Lite plan begin at $559 per month.

For more related to Convert Experience, Reach out to us.

Note: During the trial, Convert urges clients always to do an A/A test and, if they want to capture revenue, to also add a revenue goal (GA or manual) so that any issues with the script/site/installation/eCommerce implementation may be resolved within the first 3-4 days.


Best A/B testing tools 2023: Optimizely - Brillmark

This testing tool supports digital commerce, website customization, and content management.

Optimizely’s extensive range of CRO tools makes it an excellent choice for conducting experiments and running rapid A/B and CDN A/B, server-side, and multivariate tests.

You may ease your testing burdens with the help of a collaborative visual editor that is both user-friendly and powerful.

Through Web A/B Testing, you may safely conduct many iterations of tests on a single page to determine which variation works best for you and your visitors.

Send targeted messages, offers, and content suggestions to consumers while also analyzing the results of your trials using the Personalization tool’s powerful analytics features.

Best For: Organizations interested in a long-term platform for experimentation will benefit the most. Perfect for large companies with a substantial advertising budget and steady foot traffic.

Price: Pricing for Optimizely plans is custom-quoted for each customer.

For more related to Optimizely, Reach out to us.


Best A/B testing tools 2023: Evolv - Brillmark

Evolv is a next-generation testing SaaS that integrates machine learning techniques with optimization for conversion rates.

When using Evolv, you can conduct experiments with a specific end in mind.

After establishing objectives and KPIs, it uses machine learning to try out as many potential solutions as feasible.

Copy, button styling, background pictures, slider treatment and timing, image order, and more can all be optimized throughout the customer’s journey with the help of Evolv.

Evolv’s capacity for large-scale multivariate testing is a significant benefit.

Best for: Companies of all sizes interested in Multivariate testing, A/B testing, and in-app customization

Price: Pricing for Evolv is custom-quoted for each customer.

A/B Tasty

Best A/B testing tools 2023: AB Tasty - Brillmark

An excellent option for businesses initially getting their feet wet in conversion optimization is AB Tasty, a low-cost, user-friendly application.

A/B Tasty can perform split testing, multivariate testing, and funnel analysis.

The visual editor in AB Tasty allows you to create variants and tests quickly and get instant feedback and confidence levels for your results.

You also have complete command over testing thanks to sophisticated targeted scenarios that may be triggered in response to variables such as a user’s location, demographic information, and even a website’s URL.

In addition, you can use your existing data from CRMs and DMPs to improve the information available on the platform.

Best for: Marketers that need a comprehensive solution, as it addresses all aspects of marketing and testing.

Price: Pricing for A/B Tasty is custom-quoted for each customer.

Note: Tracking heatmap data at the variation level needs additional setup and development. As a result, we offer integration of the popular heatmap suite Hotjar. Reach out to us for more info

Adobe Target

Best A/B testing tools 2023: Adobe Target - Brillmark

Adobe Target combines specialized testing and customization, making it a sought-after enterprise solution.

In Adobe Target’s three-step methodology, you’ll develop the variant, target the variant based on visitor segmentation, and tailor the test to your specific needs.

Given Adobe Target’s focus on targeting, it’s not surprising that automated customization is its primary selling point.

Target’s self-learning algorithm is constantly and automatically adjusting itself to make associations between visitor behavior and content to offer you the best results possible.

The needs of your varied audience can be better met by real-time content customization.

Best for Online businesses that rely heavily on data should invest in strong customization software for individualized A/B testing.

Price: Adobe’s price structure may be altered to suit individual customers. The cost of using the platform is based on a licensing fee.


Best A/B testing tools 2023: VWO - Brillmark

Another popular option for split-testing websites is Visual Website Optimizer (VWO).

Many marketers prefer it, and it’s an excellent option for organizations with limited resources.

There are many different kinds of tools at your disposal, which VWO classified into five groups: Testing, Insights, Full Stack, Engage, and Plan.

VWO allows you to develop and track many versions of landing pages for various conversion purposes.

Your data can also be statistically analyzed using VWO.

The integrated heatmap tool in VWO is a favorite because it records visitors’ clicking and browsing patterns.

It’s worth noting that VWO provides simple resources for dividing your audience into smaller groups and sending them more relevant advertisements.

Best For Organizations that want to learn as much as possible about customer habits. The heatmaps and customization testing can help them provide a more tailored service to each customer.

Price: VWO Testing costs >$199 per month (for up to 10,000 visitors). If you’d like more flexibility, you may upgrade to a more feature-rich plan.

Dynamic Yield

Best A/B testing tools 2023: Dynamic Yeild - Brillmark

The Dynamic Yield suite of products is a compelling set of tools for customization and user participation.

You’ll have several options at your disposal with Dynamic Yield.

Most crucially, you can A/B test and optimize consistently across all channels (desktop, mobile web, apps).

These analyses are predictive, and they use machine learning algorithms’ ability to enhance ROI over time.

Dynamic Yield is an industry leader in sophisticated omnichannel personalization tools.

When you can categorize and measure each user’s actions and reactions, you can tailor your material to them on the fly.

To get the most out of this instrument, combine your segments with custom alerts.

Best for: Mid-sized businesses are the most typical users of Dynamic Yield.

Price: The pricing for Dynamic Yield is based on the client’s request.


Best A/B testing tools 2023: Kameleoon - Brillmark

Forrester included Kameleoon in their 2020 Q4 Wave for Experience Optimization Platforms as a “challenger” to Optimizely, Adobe Target, and other older products.

Kameleoon is a favorite among healthcare providers, banks, and other businesses because of its dedication to protecting sensitive customer information.

As an e-commerce platform, Shopify users appreciate the seamless integration and customization options.

Integrations with Shopify Plus and Git are also available, making it easy to use with other popular marketing technology solutions.

Chrome add-on and code editor make it popular among programmers.

Best For  Mid-sized to large firms with established optimization or personalization programs seeking a secure, feature-rich, easy-to-use solution.

Price: Kameleoon requests the average monthly unique visits over the previous 12 months when quoting A/B Testing, Full Stack, and/or Personalization.


Best A/B testing tools 2023: Omniconvert - Brillmark

Omniconvert is a powerful competitor in the market for testing software.

On-site surveys, split testing, personalization, overlays, and audience segmentation are just some of the optimization features they advertise.

They’re easy on the wallet and come loaded with valuable extras, making them an ideal tool for novices.

Best For A/B testing, website personalization, surveys, and in-depth analytics suited for medium to large organizations.

Price: You can either go for Scale Plan, which starts at $2,999/ per year, or get a custom plan


Best A/B testing tools 2023: Sitespect - Brillmark

SiteSpect provides a server-side option, making it a good pick for sophisticated testers.

Due to its ability to modify HTML before its transmission, it is widely used by self-hosting businesses and customers concerned with data security.

SiteSpect’s visual editor makes it easy to configure optimization and testing procedures with minimal effort.

SiteSpect’s distinguishing feature is that it grants access to both the client and server sides, providing a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey and great performance for speed and scalability.

Best For: Companies of all sizes may benefit from A/B testing and artificial intelligence-based product suggestions.

Price: The Pricing for Site Spect is available on request.

Google Optimize

Best A/B testing tools 2023: Google Optimize - Brillmark

Like in every other technology area, Google has a presence in the A/B testing industry.

Using Google Optimize is cost-free because it is a tool for testing.

When used in tandem with Google Analytics, you’ll have total command over every facet of optimization.

For the top-notch A/B testing experience, Google offers fantastic A/B, A/B/n, and multivariate testing tools, including a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

As a result, you may develop visually appealing and interactive experiences on your website by testing different versions to see which ones work best.

Use a responsive visual editor that lets you switch between multiple screen sizes to ensure your website looks great across all devices.

Try out different elements to see which ones get the most clicks and interest on your website.

When comparing the efficacy of several websites, having a data analysis tool at your disposal may make a measurable difference.

In the end, you’ll have a website you can build, tweak, and study in depth.

Best for Smaller companies interested in A/B testing but can’t afford to devote a sizable sum to the endeavor.

Price: In comparison to Optimize 360, which is anticipated to cost roughly $150,000 annually, Optimize is a free tool.

For more related to Google Optimize, Reach out to us!

Tips for Selecting the Ideal A/B Testing Platform for Your Company’s Website

Many of our customers use more than one of the aforementioned methods.

To get an indication of which tool is now dominant, we could look at its client list, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that any tool required clout to generate a bandwagon effect.

Don’t feel that you have to utilize the same ones as everyone else; instead, focus on the factors that will help you and your organization succeed.


Different A/B testing systems have varying levels of technological complexity, with some requiring no code at all to get up and running.

As you move forward with more complex features, you may find that some require familiarity with JavaScript.

The more expensive tools may be maximized with the help of developers on your team who can help you run experiments.

On the other side, if you lack in-house coding expertise, an A/B testing service may be your only option.

Select a program with more technical help and the least editing necessary if neither in-house nor outsourced coding is possible.


While you’re still getting your feet wet in the testing world, starting with low-cost or even free tools might be helpful.

If you don’t know what to do with an all-in-one product like Optimizely or VWO, or if you don’t require all their functions, they can be rather costly.

As your need for experimentation grows, you may upgrade to more sophisticated alternatives such as those provided by React A/B testing, dynamic experiments, etc.

In addition, you may utilize many tools at once because many are compatible with one another.

Without spending a ton of money,  choose from a wide variety of low-cost solutions that offer testing features tailored to your unique requirements.


Needs are likely to vary from company to company.

Landing page optimization using Unbounce, product page optimization with Neat A/B testing, and single-element optimization are all possibilities for some.

Individuals who place a higher priority on individualization than on A/B testing may require dynamic yielding.

Some users require heatmaps and recordings in addition to the testing capabilities offered by tools like VWO, A/B Tasty, and Hotjar.

Google Optimize and Adobe testing are examples of analytical tools that can benefit from a tool that works well with their own.

Tools that work for you are out there; pick the ideal ones.

Your Company’s Size

Does your website receive many visitors daily?

Certain technologies need a specific traffic volume to initiate optimization trials or complete a test.

There are methods for trials with low traffic volumes. Still, it may not be worthwhile to shell out unnecessary money for a more sophisticated tool if you can’t fully use its capabilities.

Options for doing A/B tests are readily available to companies of all sizes.

If you’re starting, low-cost or even free tools like Google Optimize are great places to start.


We recommend attempting the free trials of many tools! If more than one appears ideal,  figure out which one best suits your needs in terms of expertise level, website kind, and data.

If you’re just starting, it’s best to use a simple tool that doesn’t cost much.

By doing so, you may learn more about the features of split testing platforms and better assess your needs and skills.

We included only the most complete and best A/B testing software here.

If you’re experiencing trouble deciding which tool is ideal for your website and company, we hope this list will help guide your selection.

Our customers’ main worry is that they won’t be able to use all the features offered by a sophisticated product like Optimizely, VWO, or others.

If they are going to put a lot of money into it, then it better provides results that are worth their investment.

Experienced developers at Brillmark know how to make the most of any tool on the market, and they are experts at creating and executing tests on several platforms.

Investing in optimization tools is worthwhile only if you have skilled testing developers managing the experiments.

Reach out to Brillmark if you need assistance with high-tech testing equipment.

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