Convert Experience: How to best use of 15-days trial period

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If you are reading this article you must have realized that even though the traffic is increasing on your website it is not translated to dollars. In this article, we will talk about our experience with Convert’s 15-day trial period for you to start increasing your conversions.

Marketing is an extremely fast-paced industry, and it can be hard to stay on top of all the changes. Often business owners feel like their marketing strategy or their website is lacking because despite all their efforts, they are just not seeing an increase in conversions. But there is no marketing channel or platform that can’t be tested & improved with the help of A/B Testing.

In our years of experience as CRO test developers, we have noticed that when it comes to A/B testing on marketing channels or any website, companies merely perform random tests based on the problem of the day.

We believe that with the help of the Convert Experiences 15-day trial period, you will get a better understanding of not only how to perform A/B tests but more importantly what to test. Hire Convert Experience Developers From Here. Brillmark Convert Experience

With our years of experience in Convert Experiences, our team of experts can implement flawless campaigns with a set of remarkable and polished test development skills.

Note: During the trial, Convert advises the clients to always run an A/A test and if they want to capture revenue to also add a revenue goal (GA or manual) so if there are any outstanding issues with the script/site/installation/eCommerce implementation those can be fixed within the 3-4 first days of the trial.

Convert Experiences & A/B testing

Brillmark Convert Experience & A/b Testing Example

Convert Experiences is an A/B testing and web customization tool designed specifically for Shopify stores, agencies, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts looking to optimize their customers’ websites and digital products.

For almost a decade, Convert has been conducting A/B testing and it’s a recognized optimization partner with over 5000 websites and a GDPR-compliant software solution.

Convert does not keep any personal data and instead relies on first-party cookies to identify your clients, allowing you to do A/B testing without infringing any privacy rules.

Convert Experiences is also well-known for its efficiency, having one of the fastest A/B test execution speeds and four times faster customer assistance than its competitors.

Note: If you are reading this article you must have realized that an increase in traffic doesn’t always mean an increase in revenue. Let us help you with that.

Why Convert still provides a 15-day Trial Period?

Did you know why Convert still does a trial period of 15 days even though other competitors have done away with free trials?

The solution to the question is straightforward.: to determine whether or not they are compatible with your specific experimental procedures. Each one is unique in its own way.

Some groups conduct experiments based on simpler hypotheses while others use more complicated ones (depending on the business model and objective maturity as opposed to platform complexity – as in SPAs… )

Some people choose to do both at the same time. A trial can provide a bird’s eye view of how these factors are addressed. In addition, a demonstration is ideal for both showing and doing.

Features of Convert Experiences

Convert Experiences provides you with greater flexibility to generate variants and experiments. When you’re used to the versatility of Convert Experiences, many other A/B testing software packages would become too restrictive to utilize (if you have the CRO and developer skills to make the most of it).

Some of the features that we consider to be most useful:


Brillmark Convert Experience targeting example

Underperforming sources, networks, and geolocations don’t have to remain that way. Users may be segmented based on their past actions, DMP, cookies, or JavaScript events.

Advanced Goals

Brillmark Convert Experience || Goals

Variants can be evaluated using 9 different goal templates. Set up complex objectives with up to 40 different filters. Set up objectives for scrolling and for clicking on the goals.

You can also import data from Google Analytics

Sample Ratio Mismatch

Brillmark Convert Experience | Sample Ratio example

SRM or Sample Ratio Check helps in A/B testing if there is a discrepancy in the number of predicted visits between the two variations.

SRM employs the Chi-square goodness of fit test instead of having to rely on your own “intuition” to look for such issues. For example, 4850 or 4750 visitors “normal” when compared to the rest of the website traffic? The test will activate with a confidence level of 99 percent if there is a large enough variance in the data.

Convert Experiences includes features like Infinite Variations and Experiments, A/B Testing, Split Testing, Multivariate Testing, Multi-Page Testing, Integration of APIs, Hypothesis Building, Rich Reporting & many others.

Why is A/A testing needed before A/B testing?

Brillmark Convert Experience A/A Testing & A/B Testing

You should always do the A/A test first, as it will help you verify that Convert Experiences is installed correctly and the data is accurate.

In the A/A test, the page is tested against an identical version of the original page i.e. no difference between the control & variation which means the result should be inconclusive but if there is a winner then it is a problem.

An A/A test will help you expose issues early in your trial that can then be corrected. For example:

  • The tool has not been correctly installed.
  • There are problems with cross-domain tracking.
  • The issue can be related to the script.
  • The issue with the site.
  • The test is not conducted properly.

When A/B testing is not taken seriously, it might be deceptive, which is why it is helpful to do A/A testing. If there are any flaws in the tracking setup, this is a fantastic approach to find them.

The bottom line is – A/A testing offers you the confidence that the testing platform you are utilizing for the A/B tests is performing properly.

To take full advantage of the 15-day Trial period you start with these 6 easy steps:

Run A/A test

Brillmark Convert Experience-Run A/A Test

Since A/A tests compare the original page to an identical copy of it, you should get inconclusive findings with no clear winner. After creating and testing this to ensure that the platform is working as it should, you can then use it to construct A/B or Split URL Experiments.
Enable Google Analytics monitoring for A/A experiments. Predict any variations between Convert and Google Analytics data.

Stats Engine

Brillmark Convert Experience

The Stats engine in Convert Experiences is completely transparent. It assists you in comprehending how your pre-test computations should be completed. The stats engine may be configured in the Settings section of the page.

Run a Split URL Test

Brillmark Convert Experience Split URL Test

Setting up a Split URL experiment is ideal for people who already have two alternative sites prepared and who want to simply divide the traffic between the two pages to determine which page is the most effective for their target audience.

Targeting Engine

An audience is a group of users who are united by a shared interest or experience. Convert has created 111 pre-configured categories that target the most active portions of our consumers’ demographics.

They provide you with the ability to take a preset and switch to an advanced audience to tweak it in any manner you want.

The combination of predefined audiences and newly created/saved audiences makes it simple and effective to target your customers.

Goal Template

Brillmark Convert Experience Template

Certain criteria must be completed to determine if your Convert Experiences were a success or a failure. These criteria are referred to as Goals in most cases.

Setting up goals for your Convert Experiences is the most important step since it allows you to gather and analyze data to measure the number of conversions on your website.

There are seven goal templates that you can customize to track your progress, as well as the ability to create extra complex objectives.

Analyze the data

Brillmark Convert Experience Analyze Data Example

The ultimate goal of your Experiences is to derive useful insights from them and use that data to increase the conversion rate of your website.

The experience reports assist you in validating the hypothesis you are testing, and in gaining a better understanding of visitor behavior.

To read your test report:
First click on the experience for which you want to view the report, and then click the REPORT option from the menu bar.

Brillmark Convert Experience Test report

A/B Testing Ideas

Once you are done with the A/A testing you are ready for the next step – A/B testing.
To help you get the most out of your 15-day free trial, we decided to compile a list of simple yet very effective A/B test you can run.

  • CTA (Call-to-action): A call to action tells visitors what you want them to do. The main things to focus on while testing the CTA are:
    Text or Action in the button, Shape, Size, Color, CTA positioning, and multiple or one CTA.

It should compel visitors to take action because it is too valuable to ignore. A minor modification in the CTA can have a big impact.

  • Headline: The headline is the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your website, webpage, or application. For headline testing, you should consider the following: Headline length, Font size, Headline style,

It’s a visitor’s initial impression of your site, and we can predict whether they’ll stay or go.

Did you know? On average, 8 out of 10 individuals read the headline copy while just 2 read the remainder. This is why your title is so vital to the overall success of your content.
  • Design & Layout: Design and layout are crucial. When it comes to layout and design tests you should consider: The color scheme, font size, typography, navigation, and the color of the text.

The design & layout should be both visually appealing and in line with your brand book.

Did you know? Better UX design resulting from testing could increase conversion by 400%.

Convert Experiences + Brillmark = Revenue Growth

Note: Most of our clients require we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before working on their sites. Due to that with shall be using pseudonyms when we refer to them.

Over the last few years, we have worked with many clients struggling to convert their website traffic into actual sales and revenue, and in those cases, we have used Convert Experiences to get consistent growth on our client’s websites.

For our client “XYZ”, we used Convert Experiences for the A/B test.
As per the hypothesis provided, we developed a test for the homepage where we replaced images with sliders, changed the CTA, and color & added a few more CTAs in the variation created.

We implemented the changes as per the requirement using Convert Experiences. In this case conversion rate increased from 28% to 89%, and revenue went up by 98%.

Since then all the test work for this client has been done using Convert Experiences.

Brillmark & Convert

At Brillmark, with over 10,000+ tests completed, we’ve gained extensive knowledge of every testing solution available on the market. This allows us to make the most of each solution by using our knowledge and experience to offer high-quality testing.

Convert Experiences is a fantastic product that should be explored and evaluated by every CRO agency or end-user client that is also considering Optimizely and VWO as alternatives.

In terms of features, Convert is on par with larger rivals but comes at a lower cost, since you will receive more in their trial than you would receive in the free version supplied by their competitors.

To help you implement everything we mentioned above and make the most out of your 15-day trial we have an amazing team of devoted Convert developers, web, UX & graphic designers, and other professionals whose job is to ensure quality results and your satisfaction. We will provide consistent development support, from your trial period to your last test.

Since Brillmark has been managing testing for clients that want rigorous experimentation for more than a decade, we’re well-versed in these topics & needs of the client at Brillmark.

Get in touch with us right away if you’d like us to help with your 15-day trial setup and more.

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