Convert Experiences: A/B Testing Tool & Personalization Solution

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Convert Experiences is an A/B testing and web personalization platform that’s optimized for agencies and CRO professionals who want to optimize their clients’ websites and digital goods.

The majority of visitors to a website will not convert, which is a significant problem for businesses trying to convert traffic. Convert helps businesses achieve more consistent development, improved consumer satisfaction, and increased sales so that no new customer from the traffic is lost and the investment is not wasted. It also provides visitors with a customized, seamless experience.

What Is Convert Experiences?

Convert has been involved in AB test development  for over a decade. It’s a reputable optimization partner with over 5000 websites, and it’s a software solution that’s completely GDPR compliant. It stores no personal data and instead uses first-party cookies to detect your clients, so you can A/B measure without fear of violating any privacy laws. There is a visual generator for making variants without using coding, but you can still apply custom code or use developer shortcuts with a right-click.

Convert experiences is also well known for its efficiency speed, with one of the quickest A/B test execution times and customer service that is four times faster than rivals. This is evident while using the program, which seems to be tailored for seasoned practitioners. It also includes an advanced segmentation tool that lets you divide users into groups based on their past actions, cookies, and JavaScript events. Convert will also assess the success of all the experiments by commenting on a wide range of metrics, from the variants’ click-through rate to their return on investment.

If you want to use Convert in combination with other apps, they have a plethora of integrations with third-party tools such as WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, etc. Convert gives you more flexibility to create variations and experiments your own way, while also including tools such as the visual builder to speed up the process. Many other A/B testing software would become too limiting when you’re used to the flexibility of Convert (if you have the CRO and developer skills to make the most of it).

Features of Convert Experiences

Unlimited Tests and Variations

New ideas will improve a website’s performance, and the only constraint to what and how you can test is your imagination. Convert Experiences provides you with the opportunity to run unlimited tests and variations, have unlimited subdomains, handle unlimited client accounts for smooth working, and achieve your business goals.

A/B Testing

Convert Experiences allows you to conduct A/B testing & CRO split testing, which is an approach to evaluating various versions of a website, software, email, or feature to see which one works better for your business.

Split Testing

Convert Experiences also helps conduct split testing. Split URL testing is a method of testing various versions of the webpage hosted on different URLs. Unlike A/B testing, which serves different versions from the same URL, in this test, the variation is hosted on different URLs.

Multivariate Testing

It also allows you to conduct multivariate testing. Multivariate testing is a strategy for testing a hypothesis in which various factors are altered, not just one. The objective of multivariate testing is to figure out which mix of varieties plays out the best of all the potential mixes.

Multi-Page Testing

With Convert Experiences, you can conduct multi-page testing. Multi-page testing is like A/B Testing, with the exception that instead of making variations of one page, the variations you make are executed on multiple pages.

API Integration

The Convert API, which is token-based, allows you to create new experiments and interactions, retrieve and change configurations, and produce reports and overviews for the whole program. This is tailored for CRO agencies, organizations that do a lot of testing, and developers who choose to integrate with the Convert Experiences Suite.

API Integration FeatureImage Source: Convert Experiences

Hypotheses Building and Prioritization

Compass (Beta) inside Convert Experiences is an easy-to-use tool for developing powerful theories or hypotheses, prioritizing them using the PIE or ICE models for optimum effects, and deploying them as A/B or split experiments until they’ve been fully matured for implementation.

Rich Reporting and Solid Stats

CTR, AOV, RPV, and ROI are only a few of the KPIs you can compare with high confidence and low prices. Convert Experiences stops experiments when they have exceeded the maximum number of visitors, statistical significance, or the time limit you set. As a result, you save money and have the opportunity to do something different.

Advanced Targeting

Underperforming sources, networks, and geolocations don’t have to remain that way. Users may be segmented based on their past actions, DMP, cookies, or JavaScript events.

Feature SegmentationImage Source: Convert Experiences

Post Segmentation

Once you’ve finished your tests, you can easily slice and dice your test results. From the markets exposed to your versions, identify categories such as new/returning users, browsers used, computers used, campaigns clicked, and resident countries. Make use of custom segments as well to ensure that no learning is missed.

Personalization in Convert Experience

The most important factors in the testing equation are the users since they’re the ones that convert to paying customers — so concentrate on them. Personalization features in Convert Experiences enable you to be more convincing by matching unique pages to specific users using rich geotargeting.

JavaScript Tester for Dynamic Testing

Create tests directly in Convert Experiences JS editor, which gives you complete access to your site’s JS, jQuery, and CSS. Additionally, to identify and account for user interaction, create experiments based on JS event pushing.

Javascript FeatureImage Source: Convert Experiences

Advanced DMP Profiling

Any piece of information is valuable! Especially if there is information saved in advertisements or email automation software. DMP profiling allows testers to take advantage of efficient JS-enabled targeting, which exposes large traffic segments to variants based on conditions that validate “correct” at a later date. To advance your research plan and move it to the next stage, pull in specific identifiers, including lead scores from your dispersed datasets.

Live Log

One of the most critical aspects of creating reliable experiences is quality assurance (QA). Although a basic test can be created completely in the Visual Editor, most encounters would need QA. This is why all Convert Experiences plans have Live Logs. The Live Log summary sends real-time activities to the account, allowing for faster deployment of the experience and saving time in the delivery and release of experiences to production sites.

Privacy Notifications

As a Convert Experiences customer, your sole focus should be on improving your platform and market. That is why Convert has a unique privacy roadmap and provisions. They have installed in-app alerts that are accurate, easy to read, and useful. Get notified about the privacy implications. Maintain efficacy and compliance with your research with these tools.

Privacy Notifications FeatureImage Source: Convert Experiences

Change Log

The Convert Experiences change log emphasizes transparency, stability, and enforcement. This consolidated stream of operation covers all programs under your account, manages and tracks information access within the enterprise, and acts as an audit trail during event reviews.

Security Experiences and Authentication

Unrivaled data protection is the principle for Convert Experiences’ two-factor authentication, which is included by default on all plans. This functionality adds much-needed layers of security to your testing scheme. They also have Single Sign-On (SSO) with specific plan tiers to combine with current authentication layers for added convenience.

No-Blink Testing

Convert Experiences software was created to ensure the accuracy of experiments before gathering data. Bias is caused by blinking, and it leads to erroneous findings. They use SmartInsertTM to maintain flicker-free and blink-free monitoring, with variance switching taking only 200-300 milliseconds on the first load and 10-50 milliseconds on repeat loads.

Stable and Consistent Service

Convert Experiences is driven by Akamai, the world leader in content distribution network services (CDN) with the most extensive infrastructure in the industry. You can rely on them for continuous service and load times that are faster than other providers.

Convert Experiences Pros and Cons


  • Convert Experiences is great for professionals who are constantly testing. It also has a nice CSS and Javascript editor.
  • It’s one of the only GDPR-compliant A/B testing tools, so it retains no personal data, instead only tracking clients using first-party cookies.
  • It’s driven by Akamai, so Convert Experiences is the fastest loading tool for user experience, with no flicker experience.
  • Convert Experiences offers the best support of all tools, including web chat support and more than 100 integrations.
  • The customer support team of Convert Experiences is highly responsive and knowledgeable.


  • Since Convert Experiences is ideal for professionals, sophisticated customizations usually necessitate the use of dedicated teams.
  • Convert Experiences is more expensive than some other options, but the benefits quickly outweigh the price.

Convert Experiences Pricing

Pricing is determined by the number of tests performed, the functionality offered, and the level of service provided. Convert Experiences offers three plans: Kickstart, Specialist Experiences, and Pro. For beginners, the Kickstart plan is $699.00 per month. There is no free version available, but Convert Experiences does have a free 15-day trial.

Convert Experiences Alternatives and Competitors

A/B testing software is popular technology, and many people are looking for dependable, creative software technologies that include A/B testing, conversion goals, and segmentation — so Convert Experiences is not the only A/B Testing software you can try. Customer experience and price are both critical considerations to remember when searching for Convert Experiences alternatives.

The software alternatives mentioned below are those that users and critics most commonly equate to Convert Experience. They are considered the finest all-around alternatives and rivals to Convert Experience.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is widely regarded as one of the most effective research methods accessible. Despite being a free app, it contains the majority of the functionality people search for when selecting a research tool.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a full optimization program that seamlessly blends with Adobe Clouds’ capabilities. It has a combined portal that brings you up to date on both marketing and monitoring campaigns to make management easy.


Unbounce is a solution for landing pages. It is one of the most well-known applications for creating and optimizing sales websites, and it provides a variety of pop-up and sticky bar plugins.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a customization and experimentation tool that allows marketers to improve optimization activities through A/B research, user experience, and marketing strategies.


Monetate is collaborating with Kibo, a personalization tech company, to introduce a new hybrid service. The platform is designed to optimize consumer interactions by experimentation, personalization, and segmentation.


VWO is an excellent user experience tool that competes with other tools in terms of efficiency. It provides a set of helpful optimization techniques to make A/B testing more efficient. It’s well known for its insight feature to help understand user behavior and better optimization.


Omniconvert uses data-driven choices to include optimization experimentation strategies. Their expert panel provides companies with guidance on how to develop their promotions.


Convert Experiences is an excellent tool that should be considered and tested by any CRO department or end-user customer who is also considering Optimizely and VWO. They have a level of features that is internationally comparable to bigger competitors but at a cheaper price, as you’ll get more in their trial than at the free level provided by Optimizely.

We hope this article has given you enough information about Convert Experiences to help you decide whether it’s right for you or not. In addition, we have a plethora of technical blog posts to support you in addressing general issues and other resources, such as Optimizely, Google Optimize, Adobe Target, Unbounce, Instapage, Monetate, VWO, and many more. At Brillmark, we’re well versed in these topics because, for more than 10 years, we’ve been handling tests for customers who love robust experimentation.

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