Kameleoon: A/B Testing Platform

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Kameleoon: AB Testing Platform

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Kameleoon is a secure and powerful A/B testing, full-stack, and AI-powered personalization platform. It gives mid-sized and enterprise businesses a robust web and server-side experimentation and customization solution. Its AI monitors visitors’ purchase intent in real-time and tailors messaging, content, and offers to each individual, increasing sales and profitability.

Even though there may be immense traffic going to a site, most of the time, that traffic doesn’t convert, which is a critical issue for any business. Kameleoon enables marketers, product teams, and developers to test and develop personalized digital experiences that foster long-term client connections and achieve phenomenal online growth in revenue — so no potential customer from that traffic is lost.

With A/B testing, Kameleoon enables businesses to customize their customer experience and track the results – using its rich dashboard or with most major analytic tools. Its AI-personalization allows users to design tailored experiences based on the real-time chance that visitors will convert (computed by Kameleoon’s machine learning engine) or by specifying unique parameters.

The A/B testing solution from Kameleoon intentionally was built to be very simple to use. It allows you to quickly design A/B tests and multivariate (MVT) tests, whether on the client or server-side, with linear traffic allocation or allocation of the traffic to the variant with the highest performance. This is backed up by comprehensive reporting and analysis tools, allowing you to base your UX decisions on trustworthy real-time data, thus providing your visitors with an amazing digital experience.

Kameleoon’s solutions are built on an architecture that uses real-time visitor data and predictive algorithms capable of discovering appropriate segments for personalization campaigns. Over 450 corporate and enterprise clients in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific choose Kameleoon to help their businesses provide great digital experiences and products to their customers.

Features of Kameleoon

A Single Platform

Kameleoon’s platform provides three solutions:

  • A/B testing: This includes straightforward and robust A/B testing features, as well as business-centric, native KPIs and rich targeting criteria. Copy, design, full pages, product features, and funnels, can be easily tested across all channels and devices without affecting performance.
  • Full-stack: Kameleoon enables you to confidently introduce new features. Mockups, pricing, and algorithms should all be tested. Explore in real-time across your whole tech stack.
  • Personalization: Deep learning algorithms allow Kameleoon to serve each customer an experience that is unique to them. With the help of AI, brands can send the right message, product, or “experience” to each consumer based on their Kameleoon Conversion Score.

Ease of Use

The Kameleoon platform is easy, smart, and powerful for all team types:

  • A smart graphic editor: The intelligent visual editor in Kameleoon scans every page element and intelligently provides every team member with the opportunity to modify the copy, appearance, and layout in three clicks. Work with code or using graphics. Save time, improve efficiency, and avoid mistakes.
    Kameleoon Graphic Editor
  • A library of widgets and a powerful segment builder: Choose from a large collection of prepared widgets and segment builders. Create your widget templates and fill them with custom information to generate specific segments.
  • A code editor with languages for every developer: No more copying and pasting — developers can write tests on the Kameleoon platform, Git or MS Visual Studio, or on the server-side with their choice of SDK.
    Kameleoon Code Editor
  • Simulate, QA, and share new experiences: Before you publish A/B tests, see them precisely as you plan for your intended audience — on any type of device. Changes can be easily simulated and shared with senior leaders and team members for buy-in and approval.

AI-Powered Conversion

The AI provides experiences intended to convert. It also helps forecast visitors’ purposes and segments them with AI:

  • Visitor-centric: Instead of serving the same experience to all users, Kameleoon AI focuses on uncovering similarities between users who achieved a goal as well as those who could not. The platform serves personalizations that are predicted to have a higher chance of conversion using Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™).
    Kameleoon Conversion Rate Prediction
  • Real-time conversion: The AI engine continuously analyses visitor intent data. It enables your website to take the appropriate steps at the proper time, rather than after the occurrence.
  • Usage-centric: The AI platform adjusts to the needs of customers and designs solutions for business concerns.

Focused on Security

The Kameleoon platform is focused on data security and compliance:

  • HIPAA and PHI compliance: Kameleoon is allowed to enter into Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with healthcare providers because of its long history of properly handling and preserving data, including Protected Health Information (PHI). Companies that must comply with HIPAA regulations can utilize Kameleoon for A/B testing and customization initiatives.
  • Strict GDPR and CCPA compliance: Per GDPR and CCPA requirements, the Kameleoon platform does not collect or analyze any personal data. They only gather anonymous surfing data that cannot be used to identify the visitor. Brands may import existing personal information about visitors from other solutions into Kameleoon to improve segmentation and/or analysis of outcomes.
    Kameleoon GDPR + CCPA
  • Proud IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) vendor: Kameleoon has received approval from IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0, indicating compliance with its advanced standards and rules. Their TCF accreditation assists the international media clients in ensuring privacy and consent compliance.
  • Customize consent based on your needs: Their one-of-a-kind versatile admin functionality enables users to apply their permission management policy to any form of A/B test. This allows marketers to improve the user experience while still ensuring GDPR compliance and addressing customer privacy demands.
    Kameleoon User Consent Management

Powerful Integration

In Kameleoon, you can create powerful integrations with your martech stack, including with Shopify, Segment, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Tealium, and Mixpanel:

  • Integration with third-party solutions: Kameleoon interacts directly with the IT ecosystem, including analytics, CRM, CDP, CMS, and email systems, in addition to many bespoke integrations.
  • Build custom integrations in a day: The Kameleoon Custom Data Bridge provides developers with an easy, flexible, and quick method for constructing connections with any third-party application and provides marketers with a simpler approach to generating audience segments. The open APIs and documentation allow for infinite app-to-app development.

Tech DNA

With the help of Kameleoon, you can make the platform easier and more reliable for developers to enable testing without affecting performance.

  • Designed for real-time and predictive actions: Jean-Nol Rivasseau, an AI pioneer, developed Kameleoon and led the R&D team to adopt AI in 2012. The platform architecture is the foundation of the technological stack, and it is based on cutting-edge infrastructure to support real-time activities, performance, stability, and dependability.
  • Better performance with TypeScript: Kameleoon, already one of the lightest and most powerful platforms, transitioned to TypeScript as its platform language and engine in 2020. TypeScript enables Kameleoon to offer testing and personalizations without affecting website performance, while also making it easier and more dependable for developers to implement unique integrations on the platform.
    Kameleoon Typescript
  • A global data center network: The Kameleoon Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of over 100 global relay stations. Your testing, personalizations, and experiences are automatically routed through the closed CDN to serve your visitors in real-time, no matter where they are. Data is stored in one of their data centers in the United States, Europe, or Asia, ensuring that it is processed by local laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Kameleoon Pros and Cons


  • Excellent anti-flicker technology.
  • Architecture that is both strong and inventive (NoSQL, Elasticsearch).
  • Works well with single-page applications (SPA). Compatible with React.
  • Extremely effective targeting capabilities.
  • The WYSIWYG editor is very simple.
  • Simple-to-set-up click tracking.
  • Direct filtering of test results is possible (such as by device).
  • Possibility of having both visit-based and visitor-based test samples.
  • Very knowledgeable technical support.
  • HIPAA compliant.


  • UX has some places to improve. However, this can be improved as Kameleoon’s new alpha version with new UX is being released in Q2 of 2021.
  • The WYSIWYG editor is sometimes a bit slow.
  • The solution is very robust, but execution at the very beginning can take some time, depending on the IT team carrying out the content, particularly when utilizing multiple domain names.
  • Like most A/B testing tools, Kameleoon is better at web (client and server-side) than mobile app testing, which is highly challenging.


When delivering a price for its A/B testing, full-stack, and/or personalization solutions, Kameleoon requests the average number of monthly unique visitors over the last 12 months. The yearly licensing pricing for its A/B testing solution starts at around $35,000 per year, and scales depending on traffic. With Kameleoon, there are no caps or limitations on traffic size, number of variations, etc. If your traffic were to double for the year, there are no extra fees to pay for the annual license.

Kameleoon Alternatives and Competitors

A/B testing software is a popular technology. Many people are looking for dependable, creative software technologies that include A/B testing, conversion goals, and segmentation. Customer experience and price are also important considerations to remember when choosing a tool. Forrester, in its 2020 Q4 Wave, listed Kameleoon as a “challenger,” so if the price is important, be sure to raise the point with Kameleoon. Kameleoon is not the ideal choice if you are just starting out with A/B testing or personalization. It’s designed for mid-sized and enterprise businesses that want a more powerful and limitless option than free or simple tools can provide. If you’re an SMB or just starting your testing journey, you may want to consider other options.

Here are some A/B testing alternatives that users and critics most commonly equate to Kameleoon:

Google Optimize is widely regarded as one of the most effective research methods accessible. Despite being a free app, it contains the majority of the functionality people search for when selecting an A/B testing tool. It’s free, so it comes with many limitations.

Optimizely is an experimental platform that assists developers in creating and running A/B tests on websites. Using the service’s dynamic or basic capabilities, you can construct a range of Optimizely tests for your sites.

AB Tasty is a customization and experimentation tool that allows marketers to improve optimization activities through A/B research, user experience, and marketing strategies.

VWO is a user experience tool that competes with other tools in terms of efficiency. It provides a set of helpful optimization techniques to make A/B testing more efficient.


Kameleoon is one of the market’s most powerful conversion optimization platforms. Their A/B testing, full-stack, and AI-powered personalization solutions are meant to assist marketing, product teams, and developers by giving optimal customized experiences to each visitor, without any technological limits, and by making the right decisions at the right time.

We hope this article has given you enough information about Kameleoon to help you decide whether it’s right for you or not. In addition, we have a variety of technical blog posts to support you in addressing general issues and other resources, such as Optimizely, Google Optimize, Adobe Target, Unbounce, Instapage, Monetate, VWO, and many more. At Brillmark, we’re well versed in these topics because, for more than 10 years, we’ve been handling tests for customers who love robust experimentation.

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