Monetate & A/B Testing

Monetate, the world leader in personalization technologies for consumer-facing products, empowers advertisers to develop uniquely personalized…

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing Guide -

Everything you need to know about A/B test fundamentals in order to improve your conversion rate & A/B test scores – including mistakes made by professionals.

Best Chatbot Apps for Shopify Stores

Best Chatbot Apps for Shopify Stores - BrillMark

There are plenty of chatbots apps present in the Shopify app store. Some are automated, AI-powered, human-powered, combination of the two, etc. Here is the list of the best chatbot apps and steps to install them on your Shopify store. How implementing the chatbots…

The Role of A/B Test Experiments in Growth Marketing

The Role of AB Test Experiments in Growth Marketing - BrillMark

Take a look at the process of achieving successful growth marketing by initiating A/B test experiments on your website. Growth hacking not only helps to gains conversions but also other growth KPIs, along with boosted revenue.

How to Leverage Littledata for Shopify Stores

How to Leverage Littledata for Shopify Stores - BrillMark

Littledata is a reporting tool for Shopify. It connects all the reports and helps to tracks them all better. Know how it works? how to install it? and how to troubleshoot the orphan events issue?

The Best Shopify Apps for Your Store

The Best Shopify Apps - BrillMark

You always wonder, what online stores need the most to make eCommerce progress. The best Shopify apps are a significant asset for you to make the continuous progress, To streamline your Conversion funnel, to uplift your sales and revenue. We realize you generally look for these. That is the reason we’ve captured the gold from…