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What is CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) - BrillMark

This Is What Conversion Rate Optimization Actually Is

Conversion rate optimization is a scientific approach to increasing the percentage of visitors who turn into customers. It uses collected data, analytics and ideas to prepare a hypothesis on how to improve conversions. Then, you’ll use, A/B testing to prove your hypothesis and achieve your desired goals. The aim is to bring in more revenue, and it can be used on any medium or platform where you

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Recommendation Engine - How to get it right with A/B Testing

Recommendation Engines: How to Get Them Right With A/B Testing

Did you ever wonder how Netflix makes you binge watch a whole series which eventually becomes your favorite? How about the way e-commerce websites like Amazon use the rather famous “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” trick? Now, just imagine if you got to apply these methods to your website. How impactful would that be?

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