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Hire Convert Experience Developer - Brillmark

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Rather than requiring your current staff of engineers to master a new skill each every month, hire an A/B testing developer. It is easier to conduct A/B tests with a team of A/B test engineers.

In this case, you won’t have to choose between testing and involving your development team in crucial development tasks.

It is feasible to do a variety of tests. A/B testing requires extensive planning, which enables you to conduct complicated tests without committing errors.

Decisions made solely based on emotions may have a negative impact on the bottom line.

A/B testing is the only way to evaluate which strategies will resonate with your target audience, and the best next step is to hire a professional A/B Test developer.

A/B testing is a method or strategy utilized by the most successful companies in the world to attain better proficiency.

Convert Experience has conducted A/B tests for more than a decade.

Convert Experience is a platform that Brillmark has used for many A/B tests over the years for clients.

The platform is a reputable optimization partner with over 5000 websites and is an entirely GDPR-compliant software solution.

It keeps no personally identifiable information and uses first-party cookies to identify your customers, allowing you to conduct A/B tests without infringing any privacy rules.

Convert Experience assists organizations in achieving constant growth, enhanced customer happiness, and more revenue, ensuring that no new customers are lost and no investment is squandered.

Convert Experiences is renowned for its efficiency, with one of the quickest A/B test execution times and customer service that is four times faster than its competitors.

What is Convert Experience?

Convert Experience is renowned for its efficiency, with one of the shortest A/B test execution speeds and customer assistance that is four times faster than its competitors.

This is clear while using the application, which is visibly designed for experienced professionals.

It also contains a comprehensive segmentation tool that allows you to categorize people based on their prior behaviors, cookies, and JavaScript events.

Convert Experience will also evaluate each trial’s effectiveness based on various indicators, such as the click-through rate and return on investment of each version.

Convert Experience has many connectors with third-party programs, like WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, etc., if you use it in conjunction with other applications.

Convert Experience allows you additional freedom to make variants and trials in your own style and tools like the visual builder to accelerate the process.

When you’re accustomed to the versatility of Convert Experience, competing for A/B testing software becomes too restrictive.

Convert Experience features

Here are a few of Convert Experience’s most useful features to get you started.

Convert Experiences provides you additional freedom when creating versions and experiments.

When you grow accustomed to the flexibility of Convert Experiences, you will find that many other A/B testing software solutions are too restrictive.

We believe the following to be some of the most beneficial features:


Convert Experience: Targeting - Brillmark

Sources, networks, and geographic locations that underperform do not have to remain inefficient. Users can be categorized depending on their prior behavior, DMP, cookies, and JavaScript events.

Advanced Goals

Convert Experience: Advanced Goals - Brillmark

There are nine distinct objective templates for evaluating variants. Create complicated objectives using up to forty filters. Establish goals for scrolling and for clicking on the goals.

Additionally, Google Analytics data may be imported.

Mismatch in Sample Ratio

Convert Experience: Sample Ratio - Brillmark

SRM or Sample Ratio Check aids in A/B testing if there is a mismatch in the amount of projected visits for the two versions.

SRM utilizes the Chi-square goodness of fit test rather than relying on “intuition” to identify such problems. For example, are 4,850 or 4,750 visitors “normal” relative to the rest of the site’s traffic?

If there is sufficient variation in the data, the test will be activated with a 99 percent degree of confidence.

Convert Experiences contains capabilities such as Infinite Variations and Experiments, A/B Testing, Split Testing, Multivariate Testing, Multi-Page Testing, Integration of APIs, Hypothesis Building, and Rich Reporting, among others.

And there’s more to come!

Using Convert Experiences enables an abundance of new possibilities. Few of our customers’ most-requested features have made it into an  excellent testing tool.

Note: If you wish to fully use these Convert Experiences capabilities, please contact us so that our skilled Convert Experiences developers will assist you with setting up seamless experimentation.

Checklist before when hiring or outsourcing your A/B test requirements.

When seeking the services of a third party, a degree of uncertainty exists. Outsourcing can assist in choosing between external and internal A/B testing.

A/B test developers must be competent due to the vast number of choices.

It may be more detrimental to hire a professional service when you need it than to outsource for your own in-house staff.

You are not required to replace or outsource your in-house developers.

The most important consideration is to hire a developer with experience. How does one determine who is a Convert Experiences specialist?

Before you employ a Convert Experiences developer or outsource your ab test needs, please review the following checklist.

Know all there is to know about the tool:

There are several factors to consider while outsourcing a developer.

A/B test developers require specialized skills to troubleshoot websites, identify errors, and reverse engineer them to build variations.

The organization you’re evaluating should have experience with A/B testing.

A/B testing should not rely on a single outsourced development company.

Quality Assurance is the main objective.

For any given test, the QA scenarios play a significant role. For instance, on the sale page of a product detail page test, the old price and the new price may be punched through.

The arrangement of some pages should not be broken.

Concentrates on the most minute aspects of the experiment:

Ensure that the business you’re contemplating outsourcing to focuses on overall development, which means they should pay attention to the smallest aspects that may seem unimportant initially, but can have a significant impact on the website’s long-term effectiveness.

A clearly outlined procedure:

If you have a system in place, it’s easier to outsource A/B tests. The A/B testing department must strictly adhere to a well-defined procedure.

Even if customers have their own protocols in certain circumstances, in most situations, we stick to our own method.

Don’t allow careless exam preparation to compromise your success.

Information about the current state of the project:

When you outsource a job, most companies offer to keep you updated once the work is completed. Significant red flags have been raised.

As part of the trial, the company must inform the customer so that any necessary modifications may be done. It saves developers and clients time and money and reduces the chance of incurring unnecessary charges.

Outsourcing avoids the cost of employing and compensating a developer in-house. The option is to pay simply for an expert’s time.

If they do not offer discounts, looking elsewhere for A/B testing outsourcing services is prudent.

Why use Brillmark for A/B Test development outsourcing

Brillmark is a strong solution for A/B Test creation since, for years, it has aided in-house teams in achieving revenue targets for organizations.

BrillMark offers an extensive track record of success in A/B, Multivariate, and Personalization testing. Over the course of producing over 5,000 advertisements, we have utilized every possible device, app, and platform. There is still much work to be done.

Our management team consists of CRO experts who have identified two significant issues:

  • In the CRO industry, technical skills and cost-effective testing are in great demand.
  • Programming education and employment options are in high demand for the upcoming generation of programmers.

Consequently, BrillMark has a twofold objective. In addition, our team of A/B test engineers is constantly educating and recruiting the sharpest brains globally to assist CRO agencies and in-house endeavors.

If you are enthusiastic about your work and need support achieving your objectives, please contact us.

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