How to Increase Conversion Rate with Exit Intent Overlays

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Increase Conversion Rate with Exit Intent Overlays - Brillmark

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Most of the time, people consider pop-ups as something that is not significant for website conversion, but that is not true. We at Brillmark believe that if you are seeing a rise in your bounce rate, then adding not just any pop-up but an exit intent pop-up will help. Read this article to learn more about the strategies we suggest to our clients.

When you know that huge traffic is coming to your website, but they are not converting as you expected, you analyze the available data to see how long they are staying.

You soon realize the maximum time is 7 seconds before visitors jump.

There are only seven seconds on your website to capture a visitor’s interest, grab the reader’s attention, convey your message, and win over potential customers.

Here’s the deal: 

Most people will click away from your website and its landing pages without converting.

This is a reality that can’t be avoided. It’s possible that users were unsuccessful in their search.

No matter the cause, the question remains: what can be done to convince those leaving visitors to stay?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be tough, even if the website’s content is top-notch.

Many of our clients approach us with the most common query. How to maintain visitor satisfaction and engagement.

“How can we prevent them from jumping ship?”

In short, how does one win the race in this ever-changing, dynamic market?

One of our most straightforward answers is: Exit Intent Pop-Up

Did you know?
According to Conversion Sciences, “10 to 15 percent of lost visitors can be saved by exit-intent pop-ups.

The nicest part about these pop-ups is that they boost sales without attracting more visitors.

This is because of how to exit pop-ups to function; once they determine that a potential customer is about to depart, a pop-up window will appear to prevent them from leaving.

What does this mean for you?

It means the chances of adding a newsletter subscriber and gaining a customer will increase.

In this article, we break down the best exit pop-up strategies suggested by us at Brillmark.

Also known as exit intent overlays, we recommend exit pop-ups with specific personalization examples that our clients can use in any eCommerce strategy focusing on generating revenue.

Did you know?
Just by adding the exit intent pop-up, Nikki McGonigal, a blogger specializing in crafts with an Etsy shop, had an increase in conversion of almost 1,300%, and Larry Kim saw a drop in WordStream’s bounce rate from 69% to 40%.

What is an exit intent pop-up?

A real-time algorithm, known as “exit intent technology,” can identify and respond to the site’s abandonment.

The algorithm automatically launches an incentive-laden pop-up to persuade the visitor likely to abandon the page to instead take the desired action after detecting exit intent (such as aggressive mouse movement to x out of the page).

For instance, to get an idea of what the exit intent overlay is check this:

What are exit intent overlays: Example - Brillmark

Exit-intent pop-ups have been around for a while and have increased in sophistication.

Pop-ups with an exit intent can be eye-catching. They can refocus guests’ attention. They have the power to create user urgency.

Additionally, these factors can lower your bounce rates and increase your sales and conversion rates.

You can use exit-intent pop-ups for any objective to increase the number of customers you attract or keep.

Moreover, exit intent technology is a real-time algorithm that detects and responds to site abandonment.

When the algorithm detects exit intent, it automatically triggers an incentivized pop-up to persuade the abandoning visitor to take the desired action.

How efficient is the exit intent pop-up?

Exit intent pop-ups can be effective if used correctly. They should be used to optimize your page for user intent rather than to prevent visitors from leaving your website.

These pop-ups only work with engaged users, not those who are uninterested. As a result, they should be used to expand on existing user engagement.

Exit intent pop-ups should only be used with extreme caution.

If you use a pop-up on a landing page, ensure you’re optimizing for user intent and increasing Google Ads conversions.

You should not use them to obstruct the activity of inactive users who want to leave your site.

How To Use Exit Intent Overlays:

Did you know!
According to Picreel: “Without making a purchase, more than 81% of users choose to leave a portal or change to another website.  It’s due to their side-by-side observations of goods, costs, reviews, etc. across various websites.”

Every successful popup has three components:

  • An eye-catching image
  • Captivating copy.
  • And a strong call to action.

Targeting or segmenting is the only thing that can significantly increase your conversions. Consider this: it is always preferable to work with 100 high-quality leads rather than 1,000 low-quality leads.

How to use exit intent overlays examples - Brillmark

Don’t use pop-ups just because you think they’re a good idea on their own. Integrate them into your overall optimization strategy instead.

Let’s have a look at the ways to use exit intent pop-ups!

Use them to reduce cart abandonment.

One of the most typical applications for exit-intent pop-ups in business is this:

“Are you sure you want to leave without finishing your purchase?”

For example:

Exit Intent Overlays: Avoid cart abandonment example - Brillmark

An exit-intent pop-up can ask customers to reconsider abandoning their carts. A 10% discount coupon is provided here.

The price of the items being considered is one of the many reasons shoppers remove items from their shopping carts.

Therefore, by providing coupons to customers, you can remove this friction point and encourage more people to stay and finish their purchases.

Show unavoidable offer

Freebies are very popular.

Your visitor is more likely to stick around if you offer them something that makes their visit worthwhile, whether it’s a free e-book, a coupon, or the chance to win a prize.

Just like this one you can present an offer to the customers:

Exit intent overlays: show unavoidable offer example - Brillmark

Exit overlays for coupons and giveaways function similarly.

One provides savings, while the other gives something away.

You can also use a contest entry to offer visitors the chance to win something or put together a discount/coupon/giveaway package. There isn’t a set formula. Be creative!

Make it personalized.

Layering personalization into your exit pop-ups based on each user’s interests and on-site behavior is a natural way to rekindle engagement.

You might think about modifying and individualizing your message with dynamic variables like:

  • The name of the user
  • Affinities of products
  • Actual intention
  • Amount of subscriptions

Check this example:

Exit Intent Overlays: Personalised pop-up example - Brillmark

Including a personalized reference strengthens the user’s relationship with your brand, demonstrates that you are aware of their needs, and significantly raises your chances of gaining their re-engagement.

Use it to redirect visitors.

The best response to visitors’ presumed lack of interest is to reroute them to other enticing offers or content on your website.

Rerouting your visitor’s experience is essentially assisted navigation.

“Not what you’re looking for? Wait until you see this, instead! This serves as a way to say, “Hey!” Let’s get you closer to what you’re looking for.

You can offer any handouts or guides so that they think twice about getting back on your site!

After that, you can tempt users to visit a different area or page of your website.

You might direct a visitor to another of your offers, for instance, if they attempt to leave one of your product pages.

You could also lead the visitor to a different but related article or video on your website if they leave a particular piece of content.

Use it to get feedback.

You can make necessary improvements or adjustments to serve your target market better and ensure your long-term success by learning more about how visitors perceive your brand, site, and company.

However, asking for feedback at the proper time can be challenging. The user won’t have anything to say if you ask them too soon.

Premature feedback could also hinder appropriate responses.

But at the perfect time, an exit-intent pop-up requests feedback.

Visitors have explored your website a little bit, so they have enough familiarity with responding.

Additionally, they are already leaving, so you won’t be able to stop them from browsing. But at the right time, an exit-intent pop-up requests feedback.

It creates urgency among users.

Inspiring visitors with a sense of urgency is a great way to get them to take action and promote quick decisions.

An exit pop-up can create urgency by making the user feel as though they are giving up something important by choosing to navigate away.

By including attention-grabbing keywords (such as % off, now, new, best, sellers, most popular, etc.) within a specific time frame, you can create urgency (by midnight, today only, the last call, only 3 hours left, etc.)

Your customer will experience a fear of missing out and be more motivated to take advantage of the opportunity.

Use to initiate resell

Exit overlays are a practical tool for upselling and cross-selling.

You’ll have a good sense of what your visitors are looking for now and in the future if you’ve researched trigger actions and user behaviors properly.

Bring it to them and save them a step.

An exit overlay is an ideal time to offer more details, deals, or products that will benefit your visitor and potentially result in another conversion for you.


Exit-intent technology is highly effective for generating conversions, generating leads, and recovering lost revenue.

Exit pop-ups appeal to multiple user segments in various circumstances if appropriately executed.

Regardless of your goals, it is essential to remember that you should never attempt to coerce the visitor into performing an activity against their will.

Exit pop-ups must persuade the visitor to make a straightforward choice.

Only through ongoing analysis, testing, and a deeper understanding of your user base can you send the most effective exit-intent messaging.

BrillMark can construct and run complicated experiments across any device, application, or platform with reliability.

With over 10,000 tests under our belt, we can determine if your hypothesis is valid, if it requires modification, or if you need to run further variations.

Beyond what the testing tools give, our specialists can create bespoke audiences to segment your audience further and compare their distinct behaviors.

BrillMark can also assist you in interpreting the test results created by the testing tool, which include the measurable elements influencing the conversion rates of both the original pages and the variations we generate.

If the translation is proven to increase conversion rate and revenue, we will assist you in implementing it on your entire website.

Want to learn more about how BrillMark CRO testing may assist your business in generating more leads and revenue? Let’s discuss testing or reserve a 30-minute consultation slot on our calendar.

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