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High converting product pages ingredients - Brillmark

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Your e-commerce site’s product pages are crucial to its success or failure. While the customer’s entire experience is essential, the product page is where they ultimately decide to buy or leave an item. Read this article to know more about how to make your Product Page more converting.


The sweet (virtual) cash register chimes once again with the success of an online purchase.

We all love this sound. We love it so much that we all wish to hear the sound more frequently and not just once in a while.

So here is a question for all to consider.

Do you want to make more sales for your business? We doubt anyone would say “No”.

If your answer is yes, how do we push more sales?

Optimizing your Product Page is one of the best ways to push more sales.

Why the Product page?

Think about this.

If disappointed by the product’s description after reading it, it is probably too short and lacks specificity.

So, tell me, what is it that you do?

You might go back to Google and start browsing for a new resource. Customers’ impressions of your brand will be negatively affected if your product pages are poorly designed.

While many pages on your site contribute to the success or failure of a sale, product pages are essential for online stores.

The layout, functionality, legitimacy, and representation of products and pages all directly impact the conversion rate of an online store.

In many cases, the product pages on your site will determine whether a visitor becomes a paying customer or gives up and goes elsewhere.

You have two options: You can Implement your product page based on case studies or follow a wavering gut feeling.

We advise that you reach out to experts like Brillmark to help implement changes based on proper research and data.

This can make your product page increase conversion and improve your sales.

We believe a product page needs to accomplish much more, such as selling the product and ensuring it meets the visitor’s needs.

While there are many places to go for design ideas for product pages, this article will focus on what to pay attention to if you want your product pages to generate more sales.

We’ll show you why optimizing your product pages is crucial. First, provide the reader with something of value.

Did you know?
Articles pages with striking visuals have 94%more views than those without any.

Ingredients of a high converting Product Page

The product pages of an online shop double as sales pages.

Visitors to your product sites evaluate the information you present and make a snap decision to buy, delay or abandon their purchase entirely.

One of your top goals as a business owner should be to educate yourself on what makes for a well-structured product page and how to implement it.

Make your product pages the best by following these guidelines:


It’s hard for customers to browse a selection of products when there’s no method to navigate up in the hierarchy.

Something like clicking the “Back” button in a web browser is key.

Without this feature, you’ll be unable to progress further or have to do a hazardous action to reach your goal.

Breadcrumbs are links displayed in a little text trail, typically above a product, to indicate where you are in a website’s sitemap and provide an alternate navigation method.

It’s important to remember that consumers can access your product pages through numerous channels.

In some cases, visitors will want additional results in the same category, while in others, they might prefer to return to the first page of results.

Breadcrumbs provide users with a clear understanding of the page’s location on the sitemap.

For this reason, ensure your product pages use hierarchical and chronological breadcrumbs.


High converting product pages: Review Example - Brillmark

The effectiveness of ratings and reviews is a tried and true method. Include ratings and reviews on your product pages to persuade consumers to purchase from you.

As with other businesses, you will likely receive an occasional negative review. However, you can transform this negative into good simply by reacting.

Be empathetic, acknowledge the customer’s worries, explain what they typically encounter, and provide contact information for someone who can assist further.

Product Choices

High converting product pages: Product variants - Brillmark

Most online things are offered in various sizes, colors, and specifications/designs.

Consider the iPhone as an example.

Ensure that consumers can quickly toggle between alternatives. The ability to easily switch between product options promotes a seamless, interruption-free customer experience.


On any e-commerce product page, detailed photographs are essential. People must be able to see what they are purchasing as clearly as possible.

These photos should be prominent, quick to load and provide the ability to zoom in for a closer look.

The more photographs you have, the better, so display your product from various angles and settings. Users also have a  desire to see products in use.

Product Title

Strictly speaking, the name of your product (assuming it’s accurate) should not affect your conversion rate.

However, for SEO purposes, you must ensure that each product page’s meta title is unique; otherwise, Google may penalize you.

Include information such as the product’s name, brand, model number, etc., in your meta titles to ensure that your product pages are distinct.

Thus, you may ensure that your product pages have the maximum possibility of being discovered in Google’s search results.

Product Description

High converting product pages: Product Description - Brillmark

Regardless of the number of products on your website, you should avoid using manufacturer-supplied descriptions.

Create your own characterizations. This will not only aid your SEO efforts but also provide you with an opportunity to convince them to convert.

Don’t squander this chance!

What else could you provide about the product you’re selling outside the description, specifics, and dimensions?

Try responding to any additional inquiries a potential customer may have regarding your goods.

Selling clothing with a photograph of a model? Include information, such as the model’s height and what size they are wearing in the photo.

For example, “Pictured model is 1.75m tall and wears size M.” This information will answer a potential question regarding how the goods fit and may prevent a shopper from abandoning their purchase.

Simply put, if you address your customers’ issues, you will increase your conversion rate.

Did you know?
87% of shoppers rate product content extremely important when deciding to buy, and 50% have returned an item they bought online because it didn’t match the product description.


You must prominently display your pricing. If a user cannot see the product’s price within a few seconds, they will likely leave the page.

As humans, we are price-conscious and want to know how much something costs and whether we can afford it.

Simple: if we cannot afford it, we will not purchase it.

Therefore, it is necessary to indicate the pricing so users can decide if they wish to spend that amount.

How to present prices:

  • Use a large font size
  • Use complementary hues
  • Place it with care, typically next to the “purchase” button or title.

Similar Products

If a customer is not interested in a particular product, you must try to keep them interested in something else (keeping them on your site for as long as possible).

Presenting related products or “you might also enjoy” products is a wonderful method.

Additionally, you may include recently viewed things. It provides shoppers with an easy way to return a product they may have been considering.

Providing your site visitors with one-click access to similar or recently viewed products is a fantastic approach to keep them engaged.

User engagement is key. If it’s high, you’ll get more repeat visitors and a greater conversion rate simply because your site functions well.

Include Add in Wishlist

High converting product pages: Wishlist - Brillmark

Unavoidably, some shoppers are not yet prepared to purchase.

However, if you provide them with an easy way to save their item for later, you will have a greater chance of making the sale (rather than losing them to a competitor).

Wishlists are an excellent tool for doing this. The customer adds the item to their wishlist, which they can save and return at any time.

Cross-Sells & Upsell

If a shopper is not interested in one of your products, you want them to look at as many other things as possible.

A fantastic method for this is displaying related products (cross-sells).

Product Upsell enables you to develop and show relevant upsell offers and add-on products based on the shopping cart’s contents, the cart’s overall value, or a combination of the two.

Live Chat

If a shopper still has doubts after reviewing your product page, they are unlikely to convert. Typically, they will tell themselves that they can purchase later and leave, rarely returning.

To prevent this, implement a live chat option on all your product pages so customers can receive rapid answers to any lingering queries.

Add to Cart or Purchase Now Button

People will not click you “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button if it does not stand out.

Ensure that the color of your button stands out from the rest of the page, and avoid competing for design elements that could detract from it.

Also, ensure that the text you use corresponds to the button’s function.

“Buy Now” should link to a checkout page, while “Add to Cart” should link to a shopping cart page or just display a notification that the item has been added.

Urgency and Accessibility

If shoppers are hesitant to purchase, they typically leave your product page and never return.

One of the best methods to overcome product page abandonment is to convey a sense of urgency to your page: if they do not act immediately, they may never have the opportunity to purchase.

Limiting time and/or quantity are two of the most effective methods to create a sense of urgency on product sites.

For instance, you could display a clock that counts down until a limited-time offer ends. Or indicate the restricted number of things that are still available.


We trust that this article has helped you better appreciate what goes into a successful sales page for a product.

Always keep in mind that your ultimate success largely depends on pleasing your customers.

Before making any adjustments, think carefully about what customers have said and how you can use that information to enhance their experience and, in turn, your conversion rates.

A/B testing is a well-accepted strategy for boosting the conversion rate of product pages. It could help you avoid making certain simple mistakes that could have serious consequences for your company if they go unnoticed.

A/B testing results improve the site and, by extension, the user’s experience.

The first step is to establish a comprehensive plan for the undertaking, allowing for flexibility as necessary.

Since our list of ingredients should have given you some ideas about your product pages, the next step is to put them into action with testing.

Your in-house team may be able to handle testing at first, but as your website grows in complexity, they may need outside help.

Therefore, it is recommended to outsource the A/B tests, as dynamic A/B testing requires the assistance of skilled engineers, UX designers, Q&A specialists, and others.

Consistent traffic can only be maintained if this is taken care of while avoiding the pitfalls of A/B testing.

Follow our suggested procedures if you want to improve your conversion funnel and turn more visitors into paying customers.

The chime of increased conversions is in your future. 

Contact Brillmark if you need help with A/B testing, construction, or setup. Your team can accomplish new feats with the help of our experts.

For over a decade, we have been managing tests for companies that place a premium on specialist testing resources.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us as soon as you are ready.

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