Checklist to Hire Optimizely Developer

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Checklist to hire Optimizely developer - Brillmark

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It’s easier to run A/B tests with a team of A/B test developers working for you.

In this case, you won’t have to pick between completing your testing and engaging your development team in essential development activities.

It’s possible to conduct a wide range of tests. A/B testing necessitates a great deal of planning, ensuring you can carry out complex tests error-free.

A/B testing is the only method to determine which tactics will resonate with your target audience, and hiring a professional A/B Test developer is the next best step in this process.

In the world’s most successful firms, A/B testing is used as a solution or approach to achieve greater success.

Optimizely is a platform that Brillmark has used for numerous tests over the years. We know from experience that enthusiasm and demand are valid.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Experience has recognized Optimizely, the award-winning Digital Experience Platform, for many years.

Your team can customize at scale while saving time and money using Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform, which integrates content, commerce, and real-time data.

For one thing, it’s a breeze to set up (2-3 times faster than comparable digital experience platforms) and update itself, saving you money and time by removing the need for your development team to manage it.

With Optimizely, businesses get a 297 % boost in return on investment, which is the most significant part. To reiterate, there is validity for all of the enthusiasm.

What is Optimizely?

What is optimizely - Brillmark

Optimizely, a cloud-based marketing platform that aids product teams, is used to test, modify, and deliver digital experiences focused on customers.

Organizations may make data-driven choices and deliver personalization across websites, mobile applications, and connected devices by employing the experimental platform.

Depending on your choices, you may construct a range of Optimizely experiments for your web pages by employing the service’s most dynamic or standard features.

Optimizely’s features

Here are a few of Optimizely’s most useful features to get you started.

Optimizely caters to an extensive spectrum of customers.

Optimizely’s editor is straightforward to use.

What You See is What You Get – the approach employed by Optimizely’s visual editor means that the page can be seen and updated to show precisely what you want your visitors to see on your website.

Because of this adaptability, doing A/B testing and multivariate experiments is a cinch. It can also run on a wide range of operating systems.

Even if you’re not an expert, it’s easy to use.

Using Optimizely, you can rest assured that your setup will proceed as efficiently as possible.

A page, event, tags, audience, and others may be used to set up campaigns and tests that can be used to design, target, and measure the impact of your intended consumer experience on individuals who engage with it. It’s as simple as it looks to be.

It’s easy to implement.

Optimizely implementation - Brillmark

Optimizely generates a piece of code you can put into your website’s source code to begin the test. Consequently, testing may get underway right at once and continue quickly.

Larger firms can save time and money by outsourcing the production of A/B tests to A/B test experts.

You can choose from options like the following.

Several platform tools and APIs are available, including custom targeting, audience prioritization, visual editors, bespoke templates, and developer tools.

It has many options and a tool for customizing online and mobile sites.

Using the “demand base” tool, you can start customizing your experience immediately, allowing you to get the most out of your time on the site!

Optimizely also performs the following functions:

  • The Hotjar platform is compatible with this app.
  • You may get experiment data from your dashboard using the Optimizely API, which is available to all users.
  • You may start, stop, and schedule experiments using the API anytime.
  • Improves server-side experimental deployment and execution, enabling seamless page redesigns.

And there’s still more!

Using Optimizely opens up a plethora of new options. Only a few of our clients’ most-loved features have made it into this superb testing tool.

Note:If you want to utilize these features of Optimizely fully, reach out to us. We can help you set up flawless experimentation with the help of our expert Optimizely developers

Checklist before when hiring or outsourcing your  AB test requirements.

When soliciting the services of a third party, there is a degree of uncertainty. Choosing between external vs. internal A/B testing can be aided by outsourcing.

A/B developers need to be skilled because of the wide range of possibilities.

Outsourcing for the sake of your in-house personnel may be more damaging than not engaging in a professional service when you need one.

You don’t have to give up or move your in-house developers to outsourcers.

The critical thing to remember is to get a developer with expertise. When it comes to Optimizely, how can we know who is an expert?

Before hiring an optimizely developer or outsourcing your a/b test requirements, read the following list.

Know everything there is to know about the tool:

There are a lot of variables to consider when hiring an outsourced developer.

Special training must be for an A/B test developer to debug websites, detect faults, and then reverse engineer them to generate variants.

The company you’re considering should have expertise in conducting A/B testing.

There should be no reliance on one outsourced development business for A/B testing.

Quality Assurance is the primary focus.

For each given test, the QA scenarios play a crucial role.

For example, on a product detail page test, the old and new prices may be punched through on the sale page. Certain pages should not have a broken layout.

Focuses on the tiniest elements of the experiment:

Make sure the firm you’re considering outsourcing to focuses on overall development, which means they should pay attention to the minor details that may appear trivial at first but can significantly influence the website’s performance in the long term.

A well-defined procedure:

It’s simpler to outsource A/B tests if a system is in place. The A/B testing department must adhere to a well-defined process.

Even while, in specific scenarios, clients have their procedures in place, in most cases, we keep to our approach.

Don’t allow a haphazard test strategy to jeopardize your success.

Information on the project’s current status:

When you outsource, most organizations promise to keep you informed after the project is complete. A major red flag has been raised.

As part of the trial, the firm must inform the client that any adjustments may be made as needed.

This saves time and money for both developers and clients, as well as reduces the risk of incurring unnecessary costs.

Outsourcing eliminates the cost of hiring and paying an in-house developer. The option is to pay only for the period you use an expert.

It’s a good idea to browse around for A/B test outsourcing solutions if they don’t provide discounts.

Why outsource A/B Test development to Brillmark

Brillmark is an excellent choice for A/B Test development because when it comes to helping businesses meet their revenue goals, BrillMark has supported in-house teams for years.

BrillMark has a history of success in A/B, Multivariate, and Personalization testing. Across the 5,000+ commercials we’ve produced, we’ve utilized every conceivable gadget, app, and platform.

Our management team consists of CRO professionals who have recognized two significant issues:

  • Technical proficiency and cost-effective testing are in high demand in the CRO business.
  • In-demand programming education and career opportunities for the next generation of programmers.

As a result, BrillMark’s goal is coupled. Additionally, our team of A/B test engineers is constantly training and recruiting the brightest minds worldwide to help CRO agencies and in-house initiatives.

If you’re passionate about what you do and need assistance accomplishing your goals, feel free to contact us.

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