Navigation Menu A/B Testing: Reasons to Do It Sooner Than Later

Navigation Menu AB Testing - BrillMark

To channel the boosting traffic into the fruitful pages of your website having the best user-oriented navigation menu is a must. A/B test experiments help to optimize that navigation menu bar to show the most suitable and liked version for the best conversion rates possible. Reasons to do navigation menu A/B tests are…

7 Common Google Optimize and Optimize 360 Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Google Optimize and Optimize 360 Issues - BrillMark

After working with this tool for years we listed out some common Google testing issues, problems, and queries Like Pause experiments, personalization, about Google 360, integration with Google analytics, visual editors, and flickering/flashing of original content and single page application solutions.

4 Types of E-commerce A/B Testing Ideas to try (With 8 Specific Examples)

E-commerce AB Testing Ideas - BrillMark

With plenty of A/B testing idea guidelines in the pool of marketing and optimization options, figuring out what to test is more complex than ever. There are so many factors necessary in making a split-test experiment successful, and because there are so many guides with tons of ideas based on the most…

8 Best A/B Testing Tools in 2020

8 Best AB Testing Tools in 2020 - BrillMark

Marketing tactics continually change to keep up with the latest technology and the availability of resources, and there are so many guides that claim to know how to increase traffic or conversions. One change can work for one site but not work for another, as every business is different — and so are their audiences. The same applies to A/B testing tools, too — one tool could do wonders…

Optimizely: Things You Need to Know Before You Opt for It in 2020

Optimizely: Things You Need to Know

Optimizely is a great tool that offers “experience optimization” and which is used for building and running A/B tests. In this article, we’ll discuss possible outcomes you can achieve by using Optimizely. We’ll answer questions such as Optimizely is an experimentation platform that helps developers build and run A/B tests…

Shopify A/B Testing With Google Optimize (With Examples)

Shopify AB Testing with Google Optimize - BrillMark

Shopify stores are a huge part of the e-commerce industry. They have over 1 million merchants as of October 2019, which is enough competition for you already. According to Shopify, total revenue for 2018 was $1.073 billion. You may be feeling the pressure already. If the year was that great, why is your store’s conversion rate suffering? Despite having enough traffic…

Can Google Optimize be an alternative for Neat A/B testing?

Can Google Optimize be an alternative for Neat A/B testing

Google Optimize is a great tool for building and running A/B tests. It may not be the best, but it is acknowledged as one of the best options out there because it’s the only free tool in the entire market. That’s among other more expensive optimization tools such as Optimizely, VWO, Unbounce, and more. Google Optimize allows users to build all kinds of tests, such as A/B…

How to Install Google Optimize on Shopify

How to Install Google Optimize on Shopify - BrillMark

Google Optimize is a platform for building and running A/B testing and personalization experiments. It’s often used to increase conversion rates and user satisfaction by testing different optimized versions of the website and its contents, and it’s similar to the other tools like Optimizely, VWO, Unbounce, Convert, and others. What sets Optimize apart from these others is that it provides…

Hotjar A/B Testing (and the Hotjar Integrations You Need to Maximize Test Results)

Hotjar A/B Testing - BrillMark

Online businesses don’t have the opportunity to interact with their customers in person. Hotjar is a tool that helps e-businesses overcome that disadvantage by helping them better understand their users. It captures both the time spent and the actions of their visitors, which results in visual representations of user behavior.